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Kim Designs “Bo-Ho” Chic in Venice

Bashful Kim Gordon hiding behind View.

Venetian Kim Gordon was the feature of one of the main articles in this week’s View magazine, the LA Times Saturday insert. Author Maggie Siegel gave her a two-page spread and dubbed Gordon the “Bo-ho Chic Venice Designer Who Crafts Abodes.”

Kim says she is noted for her design that appeals to both the man and the woman of the house. “I could live here,” they both say. Her houses are also in escrow within the first week of listing. She designs the house and does all the interior decorating. The last one was sold to an interior decorator. She prides herself with the fact that she has no formal education to justify this creative outlet.

She has plaster walls which is unusual in today’s world of building. Her designs include a lot of light, wood, and livabiity. She is noted for her steel-framed windows. One can drive by and say that is a “Kim House.” She does not “cheap” on anything. Her fixtures are brass, her hardwood floors are white oak, her marble floor in one bath was hand-cut from a design she liked. She planted 30 mature palm trees to go with the house. When one goes upstairs, one understands the gifted reasoning for the choice of palm trees. But most all, with the furniture in, it a delightfully livable space … as Siegel wrote, it is a “bo-ho chic abode.”

Her latest at Mildred and Shell.

Her latest at Mildred and Shell.

Rooftop gazebo before firepit.

Rooftop gazebo before firepit.

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    That is actually the weekly magazine for Coldwell Banker Previews International.

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