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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Warning: Bike Path Dangerous


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  1. Nick Antonicello

    The bike path has been in disarray for year! I have fought this battle virtually alone with no cooperation or acknowledgment from the 11th CD office. The problem is the deterioration of the grassy knolls that no longer exist between the bike path and the boardwalk.
    This is not only a safety hazard, but goes to the larger issue of no municipal services at the largest and most visited destination here in Southern California!
    The VNC has asked Bonin’s office to intervene as well as communications with the County of Los Angeles that have gone ignored as well.
    It needs to be noted that the bike path is maintained by the County of Los Angeles, but the problem lies with the City of Los Angeles since they refuse to expend dollars on the grass remediation necessary to solve the problem.
    This is the reason why I support “Vexit” and overall secession from LA.
    This is the equivalent of letting the Statue of Liberty rot or let Central Park, Bourbon Street or some other major public tourist attraction intentionally fall into disarray.

    • Nick Antonicello

      Yes. I should do it. That’s a good idea. My tax dollars are being squandered by a city government run amok and gone astray! #Vexit

    • SeeYouInParadiseNeighbors

      Hello, neighbor. You see that beach in that picture, that’s everyone’s beach. Don’t you ever forget that.

  2. Anonymous

    This idea of saving Venice and making it the sole domicile of the homeless just because they like the beach and sun is nuts. Venice is gentrifying and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop that. It’s progress and the American way.

    Ever notice that the more it becomes clear to these miscreants that money always wins, the more they resort to threats and violence against good, hard working residents. They wrap themselves in the cloth of liberalism and moral decency but all they want to do is free ride and take over a residential community. Sorry, not gonna happen.

    • Nick Z

      Non-insane people are forced to live on the sidewalks in Venice because they refuse to move somewhere that they can afford, including places where their government benefits would be enough. There are any number of perfectly nice cities/towns in “flyover” country where you can get a very decent studio/1-bedroom for well under $1,000/month. Tens of millions of people happily live their lives in those places as productive citizens. There are also more jobs there so people can actually earn money to get an apartment. Unskilled people who come here thinking they can get a job that will pay the rent in one of the most expensive places on earth are deluded, probably part of the reason they can’t get a job in the first place. I have no sympathy for people who bang their heads against the metaphorical wall.

      • Nick Z

        Alvin, the homeless population in Venice has probably doubled in the last 10 years. Ask any of the service providers on the front line, and many of the newcomers are not from Venice. Just look at the out-of-state RVs, that guy the police killed a couple years ago who was 3 months off the bus from NY, etc. They are moving here from elsewhere, so clearly have the resources to move. A lot of these people are eligible for assistance payments that could pay for a modest apartment elsewhere. Not all of them of course, I was only speaking about the ones who have sufficient mental facilities to more or less take care of themselves. My point is that coming to a place where there are no jobs for them and where they realistically will never be able to afford a place to live without substantial taxpayer funded subsidies is foolish. I’m sorry that not everyone can live by the beach. Not sure why people think they can just show up, make a mess, and then argue they get to be first in line when there are probably 100 million people in the US who would like to live by the beach too and can’t afford it, but who could at least contribute something in exchange.

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