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Beach Storage Manager Likes MTA Lot, Answer for All; Does Not Like Mobile Storage Plan


Mike Lindley, manager of the storage facility at the beach, doesn’t like the mobile storage plan envisioned by the Venice Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee. He wants to use the MTA lot on Sunset for storage and encampments.

Lindley was being interviewed to see what he thought of the Mobile Storage Plan since he is the main man for the  the non-mobile one at the beach.

Manages Facility at Beach

Lindley has managed the storage facility at the beach, near the paddle courts, since conception, a few years ago. Originally, the container was used just during shelter times, November to April, but in he last few years, it has been year round. Now it is open one hour per day, Tuesday thru Saturday. There are 25 bins and they are all used. Lindley keeps records and showed how one person used it frequently based on the number of pages. The cargo container is 8 feet wide and 25 feet long.


Does Not Like Mobile Storage Plan

He does not like the mobile storage plan because of number of busses needed, no ramp for removal. He says a minimum of two people would be needed for security. He said having two homeless people in buss at same time going thru a bin could create a security problem.

The Mobile Storage Plan conceived by the Homeless Committee would use a normal bus which would be 8 to 8.5 feet wide and 40 feet long probably. The committee talked of having two operators and two counselors on board. With four people on board the bus would probably accommodate 30 bins, two rows of 15 on each side. The containers would not have to be removed for use. But the plan is flexible and scaleable. And it goes to those who need it, which the stationary one does not. It would go twice a day, which the stationary one does not. It takes the service to the needy.

One homeless man on Rose was asked what he thought of a system for storage that came to him and he said “Humm… interesting.” When asked how he would feel if that which could not fit in 60-gallon bin would be destroyed in accordance with LAMC 56.11, he replied that “I collect too much junk anyway.”


Lindley Wants MTA Lot for All

Lindley immediately switched the attention to the Metro or MTA lot on Sunset where there are more than three acres with some buildings. That is perfect. The MTA is scheduled for development but construction could take years.

“It will take years before they can build,” he said. “Use it now. Get all the homeless and let them camp there. Set up storage. Let counselors come, there are buildings for offices. Put porta potties on the property. It is fenced. Have security.”

Lindley sees it as a perfect, “immediate” solution for all the homeless and their needed storage, their needed counseling.

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  1. Paul

    The real solution is to set up an encampment at Dock Dockweiler beach in the largely unused parking lots. By doing this the Homeless can be housed, fed and counseled together. The city could bring in trailers or set up temporary shelters until they figure out how to permanently sole this problem. This way the impact on the residence is solved, the homeless have a place to sleep and store their things and everybody wins. If the homeless want to travel to Venice the city could establish a bus system that runs twice a day exclusively for them. Lets be real – to expect the residence of Venice to shoulder the increasing influx of homeless all over our streets is unfair when there is a solution like what I’m suggesting. This is a problem that is gonna require thinking outside the box. What message does building a storage facility do to solving the problem for the homeless, residence and businesses that are suffering under these current conditions? Nothing. This is positive effective solution – Gather these poor people, provide immediate shelter, feed them, counsel them, get them organized and on a schedule. That is the road to rehabilitation, not a storage facility wedged into an already heavily impacted Venice beach neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      Paul posted: “The real solution is to set up an encampment at Dock Dockweiler beach in the largely unused parking lots. By doing this the Homeless can be housed, fed and counseled together.” SUGGESTED YEARS AGO, AS WELL AS USING THE DEAD HOUSING TRACT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF PCH… NO WAY!!! LA County land, not City land – Not the County’s problem and they do not want the responsibility or the liability involved… That is why it is considered best to do it on City owned land in your neighborhood. Thanks for your understanding

  2. DoingItAllInVenice

    What we do need is more affordable housing and to put a cap on the real estate market right now. We can do this with the housing bond. That will offset the homeless crisis and also give people a chance to save money and afford to live in Venice. Think of Venice as a social experiment and what happens in Venice doesn’t stay in Venice. City hood will further exploit greed and also add to the corrupt practices taking place in the real estate market. Vote no on Cityhood for Venice.

    • Anonymous

      More affordable housing will NOT solve the transient and homeless problem that is festering out of control in Venice. Most of the homeless are “services resistant.” They love their lifestyle by the beach and have drug addiction and/or mental illness issues. It’s just a boondoggle so the City can say they did something and transfer a billion dollars to developers of affordable housing. Plus they get to move skid row to Venice in the process.

  3. DoingItAllInVenice

    It’s this total discrimination against the homeless, low income, blacks, and latinos that cannot be tolerated either. Their is no way in heck your going back to enforcement anytime soon. There is no way you are going to start targeting the black and hispanics again in Venice like you did in the past. This is gentrification at it’s worst level. The majority of Venetians and Los Angeles will not support Cityhood for Venice since it’s just the final ax blow towards your clean and safe gentrified city.

    • James

      Clean and safe city? Sounds good.

    • Anonymous

      Hey “DoingItAllInVenice” TROLL!!! – BULLSHIT! The majority of people in Venice have not been polled – Again you are trying to establish Venice-wide community support by making this statement over and over again without any figures to justify it. You taking lessons from Donald Trump??? And trying to attach racism to the homeless situation is a pathetic attempt to cloud and confuse the issue. The people of Venice are wise to your manipulation and fabrication of facts… Troll away, the residents know the difference between fact and fantasy…

    • Nick Antonicello

      Do you just make things up as you go along? What discrimination? Targeting whom? Do you even understand the meaning of gentrification? You are against a “clean and safe” community? You just admitted Venice is neither clean or safe? Your ridiculous comments are a virtual testimonial for Venice Cityhood. #Vexit

      • DoingItAllInVenice

        I presume you have no idea what gentrification means. I also don’t make things up as I go along. Look into the history of what is going on in Venice and take a closer look. You have no idea what is going on do you? I don’t have any anger towards someone that needs to be illuminated. I said we need a safe and clean city for “everyone” to enjoy. That is where the discrimination comes in and why someone had to step up to protect our civil rights.

      • DoingItAllInVenice

        Cityhood is the final ax blow to “your” safe and clean gentrified city. When safe and clean includes everyone, it’s not gentrification. Urban renewal is good when it can involve “everyone:”. Gentrification is best explained by families that became homeless by no fault of their own. Safe and clean for whom? The rich and well off? Look up gentrification and also look into the history of it in Venice and Los Angeles. Become illuminated neighbor.

        • Anonymous

          Mr Troll, Why do you keep talking about long lost minorities (many of which got amazing money for their homes when they sold them…), families “that became homeless by no fault of their own” and people displaced by the economy when Venice beach is overwhelmed with young white people with bad attitudes and substance abuse problems. TROLL AWAY!

          • DoingItAllInVenice

            You talk about minorities like they are the long lost Mayans. Mayans never vanished and neither will the so called minorities. Minorities make up most of the California population. I have no anger towards people like you who need to be illuminated. You need to educate yourself more and realize that this world is for “everyone” to enjoy.

      • Anonymous

        Nick just lead the way, we will back you up!

    • Anonymous

      The community of Venice will push for Cityhood, the sooner the better. We need our community safe. There are plenty of hard working people who cherish life and enjoy it and live in this community. DoingItAllinVenice, you sound like a broken record with nothing else to do but push the burden on hardworking, caring Venice community members who tolerate more than the average Joe.

      • DoingItAllInVenice

        I honestly don’t have any anger towards you at all. Today is a day we can learn from our mistakes. I’m a broken record. That’s actually %100 accurate. I’m a broken record to fight for what the majority of people in Venice believe in. That belief is that every man, woman, and child is created equal. Venice is for everyone. That’s why we are doing it all in Venice. You’ve got to be illuminated first to see it and then believe it. Until that day happens, today is the best day to learn from your mistakes. See you at the beach neighbor.

      • DoingItAllInVenice

        And by the way, it’s the average joe that used blood, sweat , and tears to build what you are now living on. You are absolutely offended by the fact that you don’t want to do it all in Venice. You want to do it in Ladera Heights, or Carson, even Westchester. Anywhere but Venice. This whole city is changing at the blink of an eye. It’s going to be a really nice walkable city. Get used to it neighbor. It’s going to safe and clean for “everyone”. Don’t you ever forget that. Peace be with you always.

  4. Anonymous

    Bonin is destroying the Venice Community! Self serving agendas

    • DoingItAllInVenice

      I’m not sure where you stand on this since The City of Los Angeles also thinks we should do it all in Venice.

    • DoingItAllInVenice

      And at this time things are changing rapidly. I’m seeing hot properties being snapped up in Inglewood now and flipped or families are moving in that area that would have never have stepped foot there prior to the real estate booms. The City wants it all for Los Angeles and to do it all in Los Angeles. That’s the reason for all this rapid transit. There is no avoiding it and it’s coming to just about every neighborhood. Once more homeless people hear, and believe me, they are hearing about this whole safe parking thing, and plenty of affordable housing they are coming in the 1,000′s. Like I said, we are going to be one big happy family doing it all in Venice.

    • DoingItAllInVenice

      And if the City wants it all for Venice and all of Los Angeles, and so does the state government why don’t you? That would mean you’d have to recall the Governor. What that would mean is a total recall of all elected officials that don’t meet your standards.

    • DoingItAllInVenice

      I don’t think you should put all the blame on one central force here. Whether it’s state, or city government, or beyond that, it’s a matter of choice. To seek representation based on a groups specific needs can end up segregatjing a community. I can also imagine more discrimination will come along with that kind of leadership for the few. All the corridors of rapid transit are being interwoven for all of us. More affordable housing is being planned, and that includes homeless/low income housing. Services for the homeless and low income will also broaden. Los Angeles is on the move to become a one stop shop for everyone to enjoy. It’s going to feel really small here sooner than you know it. And we are going to also do it all in Venice. I look forward to it neighbor.

  5. William

    I’m not sure why Mike thinks more than one security person is necessary when the downtown BIN serves over 1,500 ppl and they only have one security guard on duty. Also…the buses would be outfitted with a lift-gate to move the bins in and out of the vehicle…all described during the two meetings where this plan was announced. Lindley also knows full well that the Metro Yard has issues of toxicity from decades of oil and gas running from buses and that yard can’t be used for anything until it’s treated properly.

    The best option for storage is still the mobile store option presented by the Homeless Committee and voted unanimously by the VNC. And with Lindley’s concerns addressed I would think he would now support the plan that serves the entire community well.

    • Anonymous

      Bonin is all about the image and nothing about serving the venice community!

      • Anonymous

        X2 Bonin just has his eye on running for Mayor. But alas he’s recovered Meth head and alcoholic. His former addictions are clouding his judgment – when he sees a homeless transient, he thinks there by the grace of God go I. Great, but that’s no way to govern. These addicts are NOT his constituents, but he thinks they are. I hope he doesn’t relapse under the pressure of being a political hack.

        • Nick Antonicello

          There is no reason to attack the guy in this fashion. I don’t agree with him at all, but these types of attacks have no place on this message board.

          • DoingItAllInVenice

            This is exactly why we need to do it all in Venice and forget about Cityhood which will segregate a community and bring in more discrimination against the homeless/low income, people of color, and latinos.

          • DoingItAllInVenice

            This is also why we need even more affordable housing in Venice and homeless housing. City hood will put the final gentrification seal on what we are fighting for in Venice which is equal housing rights for everyone regardless of income status. Rent control will not work anymore. Even Santa Monica landlords are buying tenants out right now.

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