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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Abbot Kinney Festival was Hot, Crowded and Wonderful


Festival probably hit records for number of people and heat, yet people still brought their dogs–one had a sweater on–to walk on the hot asphalt with all the hot bodies.

Spirit of Venice awards went to the team of Alley and Orson Bean, Rabbi Lori Shapiro, and Senior Lead Officer Peggy Thusing, who was absent.

Alley and Orson Bean.

Councilman Mike Bonin presents award to Rabbi Lori Shapiro.

About 20 awards were presented to various groups/people that were as varied as the man who reads Moby Dick, to the Venice Library, to Art Crawl. Don Novak, long-time resident of Abbot Kinney, said the Abbot Kinney association collects money each year from booth rental, truck rental, donations and then 100 percent of that money is given in awards.

One does not have to dress for the occasion but some do.dress1_edited-1


But no matter how one dresses or whether one wins the Spirit, one has the opportunity to learn something.

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