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Mike’s Plan for “Ending Homelessness in Venice” on Prop HHH Brochure

Councilman Mike Bonin presented his plan to End Homelessness in Venice, 29 March of this year. It has since been dubbed “Mike’s Plan” and the Councilman now refers to it as Mike’s Plan.


Councilman Mike Bonin has a mailer coming out in support of Proposition HHH, which would according to the brochure, “authorize $1.2 billion in bonds to build permanent supportive housing and affordable housing for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.” This money would be used to pay for the projects proposed in Venice.

Note: The Councilman asked if Update would post his brochure. Update posts flyers but this brochure-flyer could not be duplicated. Also Update does not normally print Proposition information but since this pertains to Venice and the homeless, the facts and figures have been reproduced here but not the photos.

Data from 2016 LAHSA Homeless Count

In Los Angeles there are 28,464 homeless individuals, of which 21,338 are not sheltered. Females make up 33 percent, males 67 percent

In Venice there are 758 homeless individuals, 72 family members. Females make up 19 percent, males 81 percent.

This is a breakdown of the ages.

This is a breakdown of the circumstances.


Mike’s Plan



Mike and Supervisor Sheila Kuehl have proposed that the former bus yard located at 100 Sunset Avenue in Venice be turned into housing, with a significant portion dedicated to affordable housing for people making at most 60% of the area median income (about $33,000 a year).


The City is asking affordable housing developers to evaluate every city-owned property that is surplus, vacant or under-used and consider proposing housing there (alternatively, the city may sell the properties and use the funds to build housing elsewhere). The first round of properties under consideration are: a former Fire Station in Westchester, a former Animal Shelter in West LA, the former Street Services Yard in the Oxford Triangle, and the parking lot on the Venice Boulevard median.




The neighboring community of Del Rey has recently welcomed a series of housing projects for the home- less, including: PATH Villas (23 units), Gateway Apartments (21 units) and Del Rey Square (12 units).


Mike is proposing building housing for the homeless at the surface parking lot located between North and South Venice Boulevard and Pacific and Dell avenues.


Venice Forward is a new collaborative created to more rapidly move people into housing. The cooperative venture between government, social service agencies, businesses, and residents embraces the “Housing First” philosophy, which rapidly moves people into housing and supportive services.


The City is expanding its funding for Rapid Rehousing – rental subsidies and services. RRH is the most effective and efficient intervention for more than 50 percent of homeless individuals and families. RRH is also more cost effective than other options.




The County Department of Mental Health has reopened Exodus Recovery Treatment facility, and now offers Urgent Care beds for those in a mental health crisis. Additionally, the County funds and St. Joseph Center operates the Venice Chronic Homeless Assertive Case Management Team — an intensive Mental Health unit that focuses on treating the most vulnerable individuals on the street.


Integrated mobile health teams now provide street-based health and mental health treatment to chronically homeless and severely mentally ill individuals in Venice. Integrated teams (supported by the County, City, and local nonprofits) reduce the number of costly emergency room visits by people living on the street.


LAPD Officers are now being trained on how to best respond when interacting with people who might have a mental illness. Special teams include officers and mental health professionals who help assess people with mental illness in the field. LAPD and Bureau of Sanitation officials are now also working with homeless outreach specialists to provide shelter and housing to people living on the streets.


People concerned about homeless neighbors or people in crisis living on the streets can log on to www. VeniceForward.org to ask a service provider to respond. Residents may also call the County’s 211 line, and after selecting their language, dial 7 to be connected to a community resource adviser.


The City recently added additional Homeless Emergency Response Teams to offer services to people who are homeless or at risk of experiencing homelessness, including direct emergency services and transportation, shelter, and outreach services to homeless encampment dwellers. Mike is supporting the work of LAPD Chaplains Regina and Steve Weller with a $62,000 grant. The Wellers have placed hundreds of homeless people in housing, focusing on family reunification and shared housing placements.




In order to keep our streets and sidewalks clean, the courts have made it clear that the City needs to offer people who are homeless alternatives to leaving their belongings on sidewalks. The City is asking Chrysalis to operate a voluntary storage program at the former Westminster Senior Center on Pacific Avenue.


Lava Mae, a San Francisco-based non-profit that provides mobile showers for people who are homeless, is planning to launch a pilot program in Venice this fall.


The Department of Recreation & Parks will be opening some of the beach restrooms 24 hours per day to allow tourists and people who are homeless an alternative to defecating on public and private property.


The City Council is considering legislation to create a program similar to one operated in Santa Barbara, allowing small numbers of people who live in their cars or RVs to park safely in non-profit, church or city parking lots overnight, where they have access to restrooms and can be connected with service providers.





Mike has proposed legislation to reform and strengthen the Mello Act, the law that protects affordable housing in the coastal zone, making it harder for developers to reduce or eliminate affordable housing in Venice.


Mike has proposed legislation governing short-term rentals, preventing rogue operators from buying entire buildings, removing rental and affordable units from the market and converting apartments into permanent short-term rentals.


Comments (13)

  1. SupportHomelessBondForHousing

    The majority of Venice isn’t considering saying “nay” to helping the homeless and low income and doing it in Venice. We also are positive that we will eliminate the BID completely, and also wiping out City Hood into extinction. Not even Google has that kind of power, or Snapchat. These companies thought that they would be accepted with open arms into the community and they were wrong. We are not letting companies like these take us into a downward spiral. The HHH bond is going to be approved because it’s good for you. It’s healthy, and makes us happy. Thought that you could kick us all out and start selling $20 million dollar dream homes in Venice. Think again neighbor.

    • Anonymous

      You gots any proof??? Taken a poll? Sounds very Trumpish to me… Pullin’ delusional stats out of yer ear… Havin’ fun baitin’ the “hiccups” and “lumberjacks”? I’ll let Lonesome Bob serenade you…

      • Nick Z

        Trump is pulling even in the polls. If there is any consolation to a Trump victory, it’s that he is likely to appoint federal judges (including a Scalia replacement) who will not find a “right” to camp and hoard on public property with impunity. If he wins the City should take on court cases and go all the way to the top, where a conservative court will probably strike down the lower court rulings that now prevent the city from cleaning things up. HUD will also stop threatening to take away funding, since a Trump appointee will be running it.

        • Alvin

          Not going to be any need for that Nick. If Trump wins (which I think he will) all of the illegals are going to be going back to their own countries. And that will mean all the greedy landlords here in L.A. will no longer be able to use the excuse of a housing shortage to over price the apartment here in L.A. anymore. There will be plenty of vacancies, resulting in rents coming down to reasonable and affordable rates again, and a lot of these homeless people will once again be able to afford to live here in apartments like they used to before Mayor Garcetti got into office and turned this into a come one come all sanctuary city for any illegal who can make it across the border without being caught by the Border Patrol.

    • James

      The results of the VNC election, with record participation, disagree with this troll’s bullshit. Just ignore him/her until they get on a boycott of this site that lasts for a month or so.

  2. SupportHomelessBondForHousing

    This site is so great! I love your site. It updates the public on exactly what moves are coming up next. It’s like chess and you’re loosing the game “again”. The only thing is you’re telling me how to win the game.

  3. Bonin is bound and determined to turn Venice into a coldsore.

    Not one word in “Mike’s Plan” about the rights of renters, homeowners or their school-age children … and not one word about implementing common sense laws and actually cleaning up our community.

    As I write this, firecrackers are going off a few blocks away. Earlier tonight, I watched two men chase a third man down the alley behind my house. At 5:30 this morning, before starting my 12 hour work day, I had to pull my dogs away from the encampment at Venice and Mildred.

    We all know Mike’s “Real Plan” for Venice, and, for our kids’ sake, if nothing else, we can’t let him get away with it.


    • SupportHomelessBondForHousing

      Firecrackers are going off because we celebrating Venice’s Rebirth. We live in a time where globalization is creating a world full of greed and hatred. It’s dividing the whole world at this time. We have come to the crossroads and now we are ready to fight this corruption to save Venice. ¥ou saw two men chasing a third man down an alley playing tag, and hide and go seek. You should ask them to play with you. Making some new friends is what Venice is all about.

    • SupportHomelessBondForHousing

      We’ve been saving Venice for over 100 years and “counting”. Nothing to brag about.

    • Alvin

      If you had to pull your dogs away from the encampment at Mildred sounds like they thought the homeless people would be more fun to hang out with than you. You should set those dogs free Christian. Why force them to hang out with you if they don’t want to be with you ?

    • Richard Feibusch

      Mike’s plan appears to be the same as Ruth Galanter’s was in the 1990s – Degrade Venice enough to lower rents and decrease property values. She used to say that it was to keep the Yuppies away. Hell, the canals were literally falling apart and the residents there had to sue the City to rebuild them… This is nothing new, it was just laid to rest many years ago, but Mike is bringing it back – Welcome to the new face of social engineering. And listen to the jackasses who wax on and on about how we are all going to get along in harmony, yadda, yadda, yadda… If that was the case, wouldn’t the “unhoused” population be a little less abrasive and police themselves to prove they are worthy of these programs, rather than blowing off residents as “rich fucks” who are all “developers?” Same old shit!!! Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee… and not even a good word in return… PATHETIC!!!

      • Anonymous

        So how can we start the movement to create our own independent city so we are not taken for granted.
        Nick Antonicello proposed it and not sure if we are trying to make any headway toward gaining back control of our community’s fate and not be caught up in CD11 political agenda!

    • lee

      As soon as the site is up and running and see the contents will definitely do what we can to circulate it and get involved

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