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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Abbot Kinney Hotel Heard by Zoning Administrator

(Rendering courtesy of David Hertz, architect.)

crowd AB
(Photo courtesy of Frank Murphy.)

(Photo courtesy of Mehrnoosh Mojailall.) Don Novak, who ran Hal’s on Abbot Kinney and will be part of the new project, found a quiet place to sit during the wait.

The Venice Place, formerly the Abbot Kinney Hotel, was heard Thursday to a tired-of-waiting, packed audience. The zoning administrator left it open for public comment until 24 October. Determination will follow after the comment period is closed.

Comments can be addressed to Juliet Oh, 213-978-1186, Juliet.oh@lacity.org. Reference ZA 2012-3354 (CUB)(CU)(CDP)(SPR)(SPP)(MEL)

The hearing was scheduled for 9:30 am but did not get started until 11:30 and the project explanation with pro and con comments ran until 2:30 pm. People were tired of waiting and many could not stay. This writer for one could not stay and has relied on help from Daryl Barnett, Frank Murphy, Mehrnoosh Mojailall.

Daryl Barnett said there were the same concerns and arguments for and against really–parents from Westminster school against (even though the District signed off), ADA access, how the automated parking will work, loading/unloading, parking, etc … out of character for the neighborhood, buildings strung together illegally, French school was neutral … good for the neighborhood … on and on.

David Hertz posted a thank you to those who attended with a link to the Councilman and Zoning Administrator.   The link is: http://theveniceplaceproject.com/friends-send-a-support-letter.  In  his post he listed several aspects of the project which are worth repeating here. After the project passed the Venice Neighborhood Council a few years ago, the owner and architect, continued to fine tune the project and particularly in response to comments from the community.

The Venice Place project has evolved over the past couple of years based on feedback we’ve received from neighbors and the Venice community. The project is compliant with the Venice Specific Plan, the Coastal Land Use Plan and the L.A. City Zoning Code. Please let the City of Los Angeles know that you believe the project is a welcome addition to our community.

The Project is in full compliance with the Venice Specific Plan.

  • It provides more than 100% of the required parking, with no loss of street parking. It allows employees to park for free.
  • Traffic for a hotel is much less intense at peak hours than an alternative office/retail project and results in less than 1% increase in peak traffic.
  • The Department of Transportation (LADOT) determined that “there will be no significant impact” from project-related traffic.
  • The development team conducted significant outreach and has revised the project based on community feedback.
  • In response to community feedback, the project was divided into a collection of smaller structures rather than a single, larger building.
  • The project will provide a number of good jobs for local Venice and L.A. residents.
  • The project preserves important existing buildings onsite and integrates Dr. Jerry’s Sculpture Garden along with a considerable addition of open space; The Cooks Garden will get a new home on the green rooftop, supplying ultra-local produce to the The Venice Place restaurants.

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