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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Westminster Senior Center Meet Thursday

By Darryl DuFay

Note: This is DuFay’s reporting of the Westminster Senior Center meet held 15 September at the Westminster Elementary School.


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  1. SupportHomelessBondForHousing

    I thank the Venice Update (creator too) of this website for helping the homeless and low income people in Los Angeles. We are finally going to get the housing and services we need and do it in Venice. It will be a dream come true for us to be side by side with you and your neighbors at one of the worlds best beaches: Venice Beach. Thanks for your wonderful support.

  2. SupportHomelessBondForHousing

    You do realize young children are also homeless don’t you? You just had to use a baby in this article, so convenient. Stop trying to sell this fear campaign. Nobody is buying in that market.

  3. lee

    Wavecrestview, thank you for posting the link. It sure looks like it’s a self serving agenda and they cut through all the red tape!

  4. Wavecrestview

    For all interested, here is 44 page report
    the city concerning the Homeless Storage Facility.


    Copy and paste it in your browser.

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