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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Cityhood for Venice, LA Times

Venice for Cityhood hit the LA Times this morning. (See article.)

The Venice Neighborhood Council formed the ad-hoc committee for Cityhood this fiscal year, chaired by Nick Antonicello. They had their first meeting last week. Venice for cityhood has aroused the thoughts of all the local media, the last of which was the LA Times this morning.

Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous

    How come we did not succeed in 2004, it looks like this has been brought to the table before.

  2. SupportHomelessBondForHousing

    In your dreams. Keep dreaming all good things for homeless and more low income housing in Venice. We are going to stop the BID, and keep Venice for “everyone”. Seceding from Los Angeles will be the beginning of the end of mankind as we know it today. Look at what is going on in Mar Vista with all the “art washing”. This whole thing has a domino affect. I’ve proved you wrong so many times, it’s not funny anymore to me. We are at a crossroads we’ve never been to before. The time to Save the world, is now.

    • Richard Feibusch

      You have proved nothing except that you have rose colored glasses as big as the camera obscura… If what you see going on in Venice is down-on-their-luck families with children who have been put in this situation by the old Bush economy and high Westside rents, you are either a big ol’ fibber or are clinically delusional… Your literary antics are becoming tedious…

    • James

      You promised to boycott this site weeks ago. Why don’t you stop visiting this site and concentrate on updating your own?

      • SupportHomelessBondForHousing

        What on earth are you talking about. You have the wrong person. In terms of deja vu as someone stated on this site. Yes, it’s deja vu all over again. Most people who aren’t ignorant will enjoy other sites with useful information that helps the public not destroy a community. I do owe this site credit for not taking sides on the homeless issues housing/services for homeless/low income. It if wasn’t for sites like this that pave the way for more low income/homeless housing projects in Venice we would be in a bad situation right now. Long gone are the days when the city or some “church” would intervene and ship them all out to places like Carson or Bakersfield. Have you seen what is happening in Mar Vista. In Mar Vista you see nothing but murals with white people in them. Not a good sign. Reminds me of that mural on the boardwalk near Venice Blvd area of the boardwalk. The new VNC is showing signs of weakness. That’s your own fault. That type of energy can make you sick. Blame yourselves for your sad faces I see at the VNC meetings. That isn’t my fault. You must have the wrong person. It’s come full circle, deja vu all over again. You got what you deserved and that’s what they say happens.

  3. lee

    seceding from Los Angeles would serve our community and puts decision making back in our hands as opposed to the disrespect we have been receiving from CD11!

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