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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments — 12 September 2016

Yolanda Gonzalez
LA Needs a new mayor.

They violate Brown Act.

Developers fees to change.

Garcetti changes frequently

LA renters moving on.

I Tabor Corridor to open soon.
Tapazola closing 25 September; Snapchat taking over.
Chaya Venice losing after 25 years in business.

Heather Kahler
I wonder if the taggers could be considered suspects in the Yale robbery? Same day the photos were taken….
And a fancy “handbag” to carry the loot might double nicely for the lady thief. I think the police should e notified of the taggers their photos for both the tagging and as potential robbery suspects. Electronics would be left behind if your getaway car is a juvenile looking rigged up bicycle….

Barbara Broide
It is important that you and your community be aware of the pending action of the LA City Council to legalize Second Dwelling Unit / Granny Units across the City to state standards which allow for SDU’s of up to 1200 square feet with no minimum lot size requirement and which will essentially re-zone R1/single family neighborhoods into multi-family duplex properties.

The article from CityWatch (see link below) summarizes the current situation. Neighborhood councils should consider making CIS statements and/or emergency motions to oppose the current recommendations. Individuals should consider writing as stakeholders/taxpayers.

SEE: http://www.citywatchla.com/index.php/the-la-beat/11502-on-the-brink-of-folly-will-city-council-unwittingly-upzone-la-s-single-family-neighborhoods

The last paragraph from the CityWatch article closes with:

“The Council can easily reject the Department’s proposed repeal ordinance and act to protect our single-family neighborhoods. For example, the Council can simply amend the SDU ordinance to keep the current protective standards while removing the discretionary CUP elements. Alternatively, the Council can decouple the grandfathering provisions to protect the reliance interests of property owners whose SDUs were stopped by LADBS and issue a new administrative memorandum that applies the existing SDU protections ministerially.

Anyone who cares about their neighborhood should call or email their Councilmember immediately to stop the repeal ordinance!”

Diana Spurlin
A few of my septuagenarians friends and I have swum several times a week this summer at the far south end of Venice Beach. We park in Lot 13 at the end of Via Marina because we have senior passes, which are not valid on weekends or holidays. Fair enough. But last Monday, Labor Day, we decided it was worth it to cough up a few dollars for another swim since it was such a great day. After inserting $4.00 at the first parking station , which allowed me FOUR MINUTES OF PARKING I assumed it was not working and tried another station. Same thing happened, and between us we lost several more dollars, which were NOT refundable. So, we left and parked at the 2 hr limit meters along Pacific. (Some of those weren’t working either).

My friend later called the parking office and was told that during the summer the meters in Lot 13 are set to accept maximum payment only, which is $15.00!!!!

Pretty outrageous don’t you think? We always wondered why the lot was empty most of the time. I’m sure many beach-goers, walkers etc would be happy to park in that lot for just a few hours, so think how much revenue the county is losing by such an inane policy.

Solution From Beaches and Harbors for Spurlin
Our parking enforcement manager has reviewed what occurred and found that apparently our computerized parking systems at both the lot and on the road on Via Marina experienced some computer glitches over the Labor Day holiday. We do apologize for this, and would like to let your readers know that they may obtain refunds for the unused portion of their charges from the pay station. Those impacted may send a request for refund along with the original parking receipt, and we will gladly reimburse their expenditures. Requests should be sent to the Department of Beaches and Harbors, 13837 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292: Attention Parking Refunds

Peter Griswold
Alleys getting messy again that attracts graffiti, dumpers, strangers, maybe even burglars.
For your own protection inspect and clean to improve your alley.

800-773-2489 ext-5

Reta Moser
Correction: Homeless Committee has just a chair who is Will Hawkins. Last week it was stated there were co-chairs.
Correction: Photo taken by anonymous was taken at Dudley, not Park Ave.

Still collecting contributions for the graffiti/gate/lock fund for Oxford Triangle.

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  1. anonymous

    It’s no wonder the City of Los Angeles won’t hear these so called community members who call themselves the “majority”. The majority of what, the “Mark Ryavec” political party of haters and bigots? This is what happens when you keep hating on people. Now you know how it feels and what goes around comes around. Foursquare should know this as they have sent people to far alway places like Carson just to get rid of them, not help them.

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