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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Town Hall Shows Venetians Not Happy with Procedures, with Results

Many Venetians had to stand Thursday night for the town hall homeless meet at Westminster Elementary School.

Councilman Mike Bonin provided status updates to a packed audience of Venetians and listened to Venetians explain that they, for the most part, did not appreciate his system of “non-participation” with the residents or resident-participation after the fact.

Bonin came with representatives from the county, the mayor, the Chief Administrative Officer Miguel Santana, head of Los Angeles Housing Services Authority, and head of the new police task force called Hope.

Bonin explained with visual aids the situation and then CAO Miguel Santana explained how it was going to work.

City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana explains how the RFQ/P (request for proposal) works.

City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana explains how important it is for homeless to be housed first and then get the services.

City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana explains why the homeless housing has to be spread throughout Los Angeles as opposed to selling in high income areas and purchasing “more for the buck” is lesser income areas.

There were about 80 speaker cards and all were allowed to speak taking the town hall to 11 pm.

One lady near the end said she used to be an appraiser for industrial/commercial properties and she said it was evident that the properties in question could produce more facilities if properties in question were sold and properties were purchased where land was more reasonable.

The two properties are prime, less than 1000 feet from the water, and are where many a tax-payer could only hope to live. Santana then explained that one could not sell all the expensive property and buy where it is cheap. See video.


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  1. lee

    what a crack- that is all that needs to be said, pretending to engage the community while all along moving with construction before getting the community’s input on what the city is doing!

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