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Councilman Bonin Responds Regarding Mobile Storage Program

Councilman Mike Bonin responded to the Homeless Committee, via Chair Will Hawkins, regarding the Mobile Storage program that the group conceived for the homeless.

“As I stated last night, I welcome your committee’s suggestion of a mobile version of the storage program, and I am asking the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), Chrysalis and the City Administrative Officer (CAO) to evaluate the concept, the required resources, and the time required to make the program operational,”  he wrote.

Last night at the Homeless Town Hall put on by Councilman Mike Bonin, the Westminster Senior Center took center stage for the comments even though the senior center is to be the subject of the Town Hall 15 September.

See the story.   The flyer in the story was passed out by members of the homeless committee at the meeting.  Will Hawkins, chair of the committee, emailed some people and the email was printed at the end of the story.  Apparently, the email got to the councilman and he responded with the statement that LAHSA,  Chrysalis, and the City Administrative Officer would be evaluating the concept.

Bonin also stated he would like a formal presentation of the mobile program either at 15 September meet or before for LAHSA, Chrysalis and the CAO.

Bonin appears to be pressured to get the Westminster Senior Center up and functional before the November shelter opens even though the deed restricts such use and even though the Venice Neighborhood Council voted overwhelmingly against the use of the senior center. And the storage program at the paddle courts has been operational all year and will continue to be as it was last year.

It is imperative for such a program to be operational when the emergency winter shelter program begins in November or December. While we evaluate your proposed alternative, I support the use of the former senior center.  If your alternative proves feasible and meets the same objectives, I’d be happy to move to it instead.

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  2. mike

    Wow, I have two words for Mr. Bonin: Eun Kang. She was a wonderful, vibrant 38 year old pregnant with twins. She was raped and murdered by a transient with a long rap sheet and history of mental illness. It was a senseless and preventable tragedy if we had adequate policing. Now Bonin wants to put families with children living near the Westminster center in the same danger. Seems crazy to me. And don’t tell me that trying to keep children and families safe is not the primary goal, it is, even more than giving out of state transients storage.

      • lee

        There is an entitlement problem already with the transients in our community, they trespass and jump fences and jump on roof decks and balconies, do as they please and use foul language if you kindly ask them to leave your home. It is not safe and Bonin is creating a nightmare situation for all of us in this Neighberhood. I would like to see how Brentwood, marina Del Rey and Playa Vista would like it if CD11 imposed the same burden on these communities. Lets see How the people who spoke at the Town Hall meeting on behalf of Absentee Bonin on September 15 2016, would like it if we brought a bus load of the caos they are imposing on our neighborhood to their front and back yards! I am 100% supporting the creation of our own city, our own independent community and secede from Los Angeles and CD11 political agenda! We pay high property taxes in why shouldn’t we have a say in our community’s fate.

  3. anonymous

    It’s incredibly insensitive, racist and irresponsible of Bonin to push this next to Westminster Elementary School (whose composition is mostly African-American and Hispanic). Would he ever be able to do this in Mar Vista (where he’s raising his own son) or in Brentwood or the Palisades – hell no! We have to call him out on this micro aggression against the parent of children that go to Westminster Elementary. It’s an outrageous and reckless plan. No one (certainly not Chrysalis) will be checking these homeless and transients for records of being sex offenders or violent criminals. Literally harboring criminals next to young children and interfering with their ability to walk to school safely and learn is nothing but RACIST.

  4. Nick Z

    Why does the winter shelter bus only come to Venice. It used to have other stops in other neighborhoods, but now just the Boardwalk.

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