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Abbot Kinney Hotel Hearing Rescheduled to 22 September

Abbot-Kinney-HotelThe Abbot Kinney Hotel, which encompasses one block of Abbot Kinney, has been rescheduled from Thursday, 8 September, to 9:30 am, 22 September, at 1645 Corinth Avenue.  News spread after the notice from David Hertz came out at 7:30 pm Wednesday.



Members of the Venice community,

We regret to inform you that our eagerly awaited public hearing for the Venice Place Project, set for hearing at 10:00 AM tomorrow morning, Sept 8, 2016, will be delayed to September 22 at 9:30 AM.

While preparing for the hearing, we discovered a technical issue with the public noticing, and therefore agreed with City Staff to a short continuance in order to remedy this issue.  We understand that this last minute delay is unfortunate, however we and the City feel it imperative that the community have a fair opportunity to hear and speak about this important project.

It has been our team’s practice since the beginning to take proactive measures to ensure compliance with City laws, and to make sure that our project is fully vetted with the community.  As a result, we have voluntarily agreed to accept this brief hearing delay.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay.  However, we believe it crucially important that anyone in the community have an opportunity to hear about our project and testify at a fair and open hearing.  We appreciate your patience during this process.

Thank you all for your understanding through this short delay.


The Venice Place Project Team

Link to updated hearing notice: http://planning.lacity.org/InternetCalendar/pdf.aspx?Id=54782



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