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Homeless Committee Wants Correct Jones Count and Proposes Mobile Storage System

Members of the Homeless Committee left to right are Sunny Bak, Heidi Roberts, Will Hawkins, Matt Shaw, Lauri Burns, and Brian Ulf.

The newly formed Venice Neighborhood Council ad-hoc Homeless Committee, co-chaired by Will Hawkins and Matt Shaw, met Monday to a filled library room.  They discussed “the count” and a Mobile Storage System.

They proposed to ask the proper City authorities to provide an official count of the affordable housing built that is part of the Jones Settlement requirement. Attorney for homeless Carol Sobel has figures as does Mark Ryavac, president of Venice Stakeholders Association.  If the required number is met, they want the Jones Settlement removed and  no sleeping, loitering on the sidewalk enforced.

The committee also proposed implementing an innovative Mobile Storage System.  Heidi Roberts, committee member, said that the LAHSA (Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority) in their “Complete Strategy” says they will consider mobile options when traditional sites are not available. Westminster Senior Center was considered not an option at the time.  Councilman Mike Bonin has since announced a meet for 15 September specifically regarding the Westminster Senior Center as a storage facility and remodeling has commenced on the building.

Matt Shaw, said mobile storage would start with two busses each containing the proper operating staff, and supportive staff, and 50, 60-gallon containers.  The beauty of the system said Shaw and all other committee members agreed was the flexibility –

busses could be added or subtracted as necessary…

the service people would be on the bus to service the homeless as opposed to homeless seeking out the service staff in various parts of Venice …

the busses would go directly to homeless as opposed to homeless lugging “stuff” to a storage area.

The committee members planned on three areas for pickup.  The system would provide a set schedule for reliance. One stop, maybe two, could be OFW and another could be 3rd, which is growing to 4th along Sunset and Rose.

For example, a homeless person could store his “stuff” in the morning and pick it up in afternoon.  A homeless person would be free to get assistance, look for work, go to work, etc. during the day.

Proper motions will be prepared for the next Venice Neighborhood Council meet.

Notes for Jones Settlement Count motion

Notes for Jones Settlement Count motion

Outline for Mobile Storage System motion

Outline for Mobile Storage System motion

Comments (4)

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  2. anonymous

    BONIN will kill this proposal. He has a deal with Ira Koslow to thwart any efforts to come up with something more sensible. It’s outrageous. BONIN is corrupt. We have to start a campaign to get BOTH Bonin and Koslow out as VNC president.

  3. Richard Feibusch

    But with a simple plan, little tax money would be transferred to the local social services – THAT is often what these proposals are based upon – I wouldn’t care if the money actually did anything seriously positive for the community, but over the last 25 years, I watched tens of millions going to St Joseph Center, VCHC, and others, and all Venice ever got was more homeless living in vans and on the beach… Go figure…

  4. Angela McGregor

    The mobile storage proposal is simply brilliant, and far more cost-effective and less intrusive than the ill-conceived storage program at the Westminster Senior Center. Let’s make it happen!

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