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Venice Homeless Youth Less than Valley, Hollywood

By Rick Garvey

I know that many people in Venice feel that we are over burdened by the number of homeless youth (defined as under 25 years old) in our neighborhood but LAHSA released the results of the 2016 homeless youth count yesterday, and  the findings are interesting.

SPA 5 (West LA including Venice) had 397 homeless youth, less than was counted in the Antelope Valley, the San Fernando Valley, and only one third the number in SPA 4 (Hollywood, Downtown, and parts of East LA). You can check the link to see demographic breakdowns.

Kudos to the folks at Safe Place For Youth, OPCC and the Teen PAD who work with this population every day. Hopefully we can get that number down even further next year.    https://www.lahsa.org/homeless-count/youth-service-planning-area


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  1. Nick Z

    Rick…Faulty logic. Just look at the map, SPA 5 is way smaller than either of the “Valleys” and a big chunk of it is comprised of the Santa Monica mountains and the hills. We may have a smaller population of homeless youths, but we have a much smaller area. Just eyeballing it, I would say that the number of homeless youths per unit of area in SPA 5 would be much higher than in the valleys. Hence, why people feel we are overburdened. Basic math there. I know you’re trying to convince people we don’t have it so bad in Venice, but the data you pointed us to would seem to say otherwise.

    I’m all for helping homeless youth by the way, there is a greater likelihood of a productive future for them than others so a better cost/benefit in spending our limited resources on the young. The organizations you mentioned are all doing good work to help keep these young people from losing their futures.

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