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Venice BID That was Certified Last Week is to be Redone

Business Improvement District (BID), which was certified last week by City Council and overwhelmingly approved by a ballot vote of 77 to 23 percent of business and industrial property owners, was legally challenged and will be redone.

The process was challenged and according to the City Attorney Mike Feuer valid concerns were raised. “To address these concerns and comply with state law, the City Attorney’s Office indicates that a new hearing process must be initiated, and that balloting must be conducted again,” according to Councilman Mike Bonin.

“The City Clerk is currently preparing a new Ordinance of Intention, ballots and packages to restart the process,” according to David Graham-Caso, communications director for Councilman Bonin. “The new public hearing will be held 45 days from when the new ballots are mailed to property owners.”

“It is vitally important that every member of the public who wishes to speak is heard and that the public hearing is held in accordance with the law,” said Councilman Bonin. “The Venice Beach BID will help create a cleaner and safer boardwalk for everyone to enjoy, and I remain committed to working with property owners and neighbors in the area to get the BID approved and operational.”

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  1. Steven Burns

    My question is not specifically about the BID – it is a double edged sword IMO. My question is, does the councilman or some city employee have the authority to gut a certified vote? – even assuming LAFLA is correct and the regulation they site overrides the Brown act? I ask because I am still suspicious regarding the city taking so long to certify the VNC election to permit those who disagreed conduct shenanigans.
    This BID thing was certified Aug 24th, wouldn’t a full vote of the council be required to de-certify it? Can anyone explain? Again, a procedural question – BID or no.

  2. Anonymous

    The hypocrisy of Bonin…”Vitally important that every member of the public who wishes to speak is heard” UNLESS it’s about the Westminster storage facility or the Thatcher Yard/Venice median housing for the homeless. Those members of the public don’t get heard.

    • anonymous

      Bonin is a lying jackass. His agenda is to railroad the residents of Windward Circle and put a homeless storage facility (a state sanctioned encampment) right next to an elementary school. He’d NEVER do that in mar vista where his young son goes to school. It’s illegal and immoral the way he’s lied and evaded the residents to push this trough. Its a scandal but the LA Times won’t report on it because their agenda is to tie homelessness to rising property values (not the reason things are out of control in Venice, Bonin and Carol Sobel are the real reason).

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