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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Two Lots in Venice for Homeless are Talk of the Town–Venetians Have Questions

Venice Parking
Venice median. Property is between North and South Venice Blvd and between Pacific and Dell.

Yard 5.02.55 PM
Thatcher yard is on Thatcher Ave in the Oxford Triangle.  (Fence is finished.)

By Reta Moser with special assistance by Darryl DuFay

Note: If you have questions, please submit to Update and they will be presented to the proper authorities and reprinted in Update with the answers. Venetians want to know. Submit questions to VeniceUpdate@gmail.com.

The topic for the day in Venice, and obviously for days to come, is and will be the status, disposition of the two Venice City properties destined for homeless, affordable housing.

Venetians cannot put their finger on why the City would even question not selling these two properties to the highest bidder, take the money and build somewhere else and many more than these two properties would yield in Venice. These two properties are prime to say the least. They are less than a 1000 feet from the water, where only a few Venetians can afford to live.

So the people who wrote the Request for Qualifications/Proposals (RFQ/P) from the City Administrative Officer (CAO) were queried. Cielo Castro, Transparency Officer for CAO, willingly answered the questions. Perhaps, this will answer some questions, perhaps it will bring up more.

A couple of the questions have been restated to make them clearer. The answers are verbatim.

1)  What are the city’s options for these properties?

Answer: The sites will be developed into affordable housing or they will be sold to generate funds for affordable housing. 

2)  What is the criteria you plan to use for whether it is better to sell or lease?

Answer: The decision will be made based on the proposals for the site that are received through the RFQ/P, or through subsequent Requests for Proposals or Bids.  Decisions on the disposition of each site will be made in coordination with the City Council.

3)  Apparently the money will be considered part of the $138 million Mayor Eric Garcetti budgeted for homeless this year.  If you lease the property how do you figure its values for the $138M figure?

Answer: A calculation will be used to determine the present value of a future stream of lease payments.

4)  When will property be rezoned?

Answer: The timeline will vary based on the development strategy selected for a specific site.

5)  If you do not get a prospective bidder on a site, what will you do then?

Answer:  Decisions on the disposition of each site will be made in coordination with the City Council.

6) Have these properties been declared surplus.  Will the proceeds go to the 138M homeless fund?

Answer:  These properties have not been declared as “surplus properties.” The City has elected to actively leverage its real estate assets to achieve a number of public benefits including but not limited to affordable and permanent supportive housing.

Proceeds from the sale of any of these specific surplus properties that are sold during Fiscal Year 2016 – 2017 will go to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.  Proceeds from properties sold within Venice would be earmarked for use for affordable housing in Venice. 

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    Venice has no self-determination, home rule or local control as a working component of Los Angeles. The VNC is advisory in scope and responsibility and city hood can change all that. The questions you ask are all legitimate and in all probability never be answered. Venice represents 0.6% of the population of LA. We are irrelevant and insignificant to the City’s goals and objectives. The good people of Venice need to get behind city hood if they want the independence, home-rule and local control you seek.

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