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Venice Update

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Comments — 29 August 2016

Erica Walker of Howard

I am upset to report that someone attempted to break into my house yesterday August 26th between 2:30pm and 7:30pm. The person tried to open several windows but could not get in because my windows won’t open wide enough to allow a person in. Has anyone seen any suspicious people on Howard or on neighboring streets recently? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Yolanda Gonzalez

There was chaos during the council session for the Venice BID.
Become an important city hall insider.

Scott Myklebust

Ref: “A Second Unit?–No Problem” first pic in last week’s Update. Not exactly. That’s a single family house with an addition added above it. An ex-colleague of mine was the architect. It was his own residence. Shot from the other side one can see an entrance to second floor. Example of a clever addition instead of a clever second unit.


This is input from a legal short-term rental owner regarding the Transient Occupancy Tax. This is a note from a tax compliance officer.

Yes, if you are exclusively listing with Airbnb, you can renew online and report $0. Please note that the agreement between Airbnb and the City of Los Angeles is for 3 years, so we don’t know if that will be extended or changed, so if Airbnb stops making the payments to the City, you, as the host, will be responsible for remitting and paying the Transient Occupancy Taxes on your own.

Also, there may be some changes on how the reporting goes, but since it is still in the works, it is not definite yet, we should be sending out information once that new procedure is implemented.

Shawn Stern

As regards the city properties that are being considered for homeless/affordable housing development, including Thatcher Yard and the Median on Venice and at some point in time may also include the Metro Bus yard across from my house, it’s seems pretty ridiculous to me that everyone is spending so much time discussing & dissecting what inevitably won’t happen. Between residents and the coastal commission, I just don’t believe that large dense housing projects are going to get passed and they really don’t make the most sense when you consider the value of the land and what that money could build in area’s that could better support affordable housing and services for the homeless. The reality for the properties is that the city will sell them as the money from the sale of the land is much better used for homeless/affordable housing in area’s where land/buildings are much more “affordable!”

There are an estimated 50k+ homeless in L.A. and it’s going to require a concerted effort to seriously solve this. If advocates and the city really want to help the homelessness of so many people, then they should sell the properties and consider the many empty commercial buildings south of downtown to rehab and create housing, medical and social services and jobs for homeless individuals that want help. There are large area’s that have empty commercial buildings and no residential neighbors to object. It would require a big effort from the city government and local businesses to push for with support from state and federal $, but it’s a big problem that isn’t going to be “fixed” by going into residential neighborhoods and taking city property to build housing for dozens or even hundreds of homeless.
If the city really wants to “build affordable housing” in Venice, I would suggest that they build more senior housing. Seniors deserve affordable housing, which is a fact that’s hard to dispute.

Just my “two cents” worth.

Lorena Barrientos

LorenaWe are not sure who this car belongs to. We often see it parked in our block. I have asked our new neighbors, and no one knows who it belongs to. I noticed the shattered window Sunday morning. The owner is probably not aware that their car has been vandalized.

My husband’s car window was broken on February when it was parked in the same exact spot on Burrell.

There was also another car, Jeep, with shattered window down the street, Burrell.

Comments (2)

  1. Neighbor

    Dear friend I used to live in Venice on Woodlawn north of Venice bl. I too had a break-in my neighbors so after 2 or three more I just moved out of state. Now I can walk down the street and not worry about boys with guns, knifes,etc I also lived on Westminster and electric. The good old Venice days have passed. Run

  2. I try to get along with everybody even the transients that walk up.my alley. There is a Mexican man that had other transient friends with him some have gone back to Mexico, othets have passed on. But commented to me that he got a voucher for housing not to long ago downtown. He has a single small room, bathroom and a little cooking facility. So, I asked him why is he still coming around picking into the garbage cans and why have they not helped him with a temporary job? His answer to me was. “the counselors have not made an attempt to get him a job”. I asked him how much was his boucher- 700.00 dollars. But his share of cost was 50.00 dollars. That is one of the reasons he stills has to pick up cans. And Venice was the place more people throw away bottles and cans. Just last week I ran into him again. This time he had an black eye. What happen Joe? Another homeless person had struck him out of envey for having a place and was threatened that if he did not help out in selling drugs he was going to get it. Did we not here that a bad drug was being sold out on the street and several homeless persons had gotten sick? And this is what our City properties will convert to.? I have done my share of helping and donating. I use to go around in the past collecting food left over from restuarants and packing small trays to give the homeless. That was back in the nineties. My mom helped me but she caught TB from donating her heart and time. As I saw that the County and City were ignoring this issue. I stopped helping out. Our elected officials did nothing. They thought it would just go away.
    We have a serious serious problem. I get invited to private events by the Mayor’s office trying through the PPP’s, events donating for the cause of homelessness ect, ect. Just a couple weeks ago a friend and her husband had a black homeless person invade there home,thru a small window and went into their bedroom at 4:00 am in the morning. Three friends of mine were robbed and had their purses janked from there hands. Gold crosses janked from their necks. I have had to put iron doors, because someone enters to steal tools. I have had three homeless enter my property begging or scaring the shit out of me at night. So, my question to all, should I wait to get stabbed, killed, one less person like myself, productive person where several people depend on me for jobs, my parents depend on me, my husband and I need each other. Everyday, my neighbors complain of homeless snooping into their properties.
    The City has no plan in place, and if they think they do, it is in the wrong places. I hope I didnt bore you. I was suppose to retire and be at peace. But everyday I here and put up so much bad news.

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