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Breeze Bike Share Installs Racks on Park Ave on OFW



Breeze Bike Share installed a slew of bike racks at Park Avenue.  One was on Ocean Front Walk (OFW) and the other was on the walk street, almost perpendicular to the OFW one.

The area seems to be one of the favorites for encampments.  The pergolas were free of homeless but the grass surrounding such was filled with those spending the day and staying until curfew.

Joel Shields who is familiar with the encampment and the goings on there wrote:

 I dare anyone to try to get or return a bike at the Breeze station Park Avenue.  That encampment has been there for 4-5 years and the Breeze racks sit squarely in the middle of homeless-thug central.   Maybe what they need to do is install 15 additional Breeze racks and finally clean up that street, the sun shelter at Park and the grassy area.  Nothing but trouble, booze, drugs, noise, and crime.  I find it highly curious that homeless can afford so many high-dollar bikes and are seemingly masters of tire repair.  That corner is chop-chop central for stolen bikes.  Clean up that sleep zone and the homeless would not find it nearly as convenient to occupy and destroy the park at Park.




Comments (9)

  1. Mr. Martinez I have never had the pleasure of meeting you and I hope I don’t. How do you know and accuse Reta of removing a bike left and blocking the public right way? I would advise Ms. Reta to take this info to her lawyer. I have a feeling you hide behind the name of Gabriel Martinez. And I would like to recommend Ms. Reta who does a wonderful and professional job in keeping up with this informative blog. Much better than the Argonaut at no cost to this community to file a police report against you. Because, you threatened people on this blog. by telling them to get out of Venice or make unnessary vulgar comments about them. There might not be millions like you but several there are. I just want to let my friends here in Venice know that I am embarrassed as an Latina, here in Venice that people like Gabriel does not represent the Hispanic community of Venice in this manner. Asi de que si hablas espanol mi recommendacion Gabriel, no busques problemas.

  2. Gabriel Martinez

    I’d like to clear up something. I never said anything violent. I copy and paste each thread I typed on this site. Also, look up Martin Luther King Jr. and perhaps you will realize I’m one in millions. Go to Venice Beach on a busy day and realize we don’t need cameras posted everywhere to catch our every move anymore. Yes, I’m one in a billion. Reta’s site is vial, and thrives on feeding ignorance to the public. It goes around full Venice Circle. And you know what they say about that. Reta, clean up your act. And stop harassing the homeless on this site. Reta, this one is for you. http://www.venicefoursquarechaplains.org/#!monthly-success-stoires/c12yj

    • James

      What happened to your boycott?

      • anonymous

        Gabriel, you are typical of the Argonaut crowd. You wrap yourself in the flags of civil rights leaders as an excuse for your violent threats against decent, hard working families and residents of Venice (like Reta). This is NOT a revolution. Being homeless does not give you or your brethren to right to take our property rights and camp out in front of our homes. This country was founded on property rights, not some pipe dream of the poor storming the Bastille gates and taking homes and property.

  3. Gabriel Martinez

    When Reta hacks a bike off a tree with a saw it’s ok but if a homeless person defines their area of expertise as bike repair expert it’s against every law known in humanity. Don’t make any excuse Reta, we know you did it. This is the reason I have to boycott this site starting today. This site is vial and worthless. It thrives on ignorance. It doesn’t matter whether you know who I am. Now you know that there are millions like me out there. And we will never stop Saving Venice.

    • Nick Z

      I thought your boycott started like a week ago? Do you know what a boycott is? Your response will answer that question…

    • anonymous

      Please go Gabriel, you are not contributing anything positive. There are not millions more like you, thankfully, Venice is cleaning up and there’s nothing you can do about it (outside of your idle threats of violence towards anyone who supports cleaning up Venice.) It’s such a false argument that cleaning up the literal human feces on Venice sidewalks will somehow rob Venice of it’s creative character, that’s nonsense. Get a life.

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