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BID Approved — 77 Percent For; 23 Percent Against


By David Graham-Caso

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to certify the creation of a Business Improvement District at Venice Beach, Councilmember Mike Bonin announced today.

In the special assessment district balloting, the BID was approved overwhelmingly, 77% to 23%. The City of Los Angeles, which has property in the BID area, supported formation of the BID, but even if the City had not cast its ballot, the BID would have been approved by a more than 2-1 margin.

“The Venice Beach BID will help create a cleaner and safer boardwalk for everyone to enjoy,” said Bonin. “BIDs are a commonly-used tool to help supplement public services for neighborhoods, and this BID will make it possible for us to expand the services that the neighborhood deserves. It is the kind of smart and effective public-private partnership we need.

“During the approval process, many people opposed to the BID, from inside and outside the assessment area, raised concerns about the BID. I have heard and respect those concerns, and I am committed to working with BID opponents to make sure that the BID is a vehicle that celebrates what it is special about Venice — its funky character, its diversity, and its tolerance of people of all walks of life.”

Bonin has advocated for the creation of a BID since he was a candidate for City Council, often citing the added services a BID would bring Venice Beach – one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.


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