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Mehrenoosh Unveils Plans for Windward Circle

How Refreshing!

How Peaceful!

Mehrenoosh Mojalli has done another design for city property in Venice. This one is for Windward Circle. Her design for the Westminster Community Center/Dog Park was published in Update in July.

Mehrenoosh, who goes just by the first name,  is an architect and a longtime member of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC). Mehrnoosh has a Masters of Architecture & Urban Design degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and is past president of Association of Women in Architecture L.A.

Her passion is urban design. “As an urban designer I am a strong believer that collaborations of art, architecture, landscaping and planning can blur economic and cultural boundaries and enhance life in cities such as Venice.  Communities come together at public spaces and improve quality of life for all,” she said.

The fountain is transparent to allow visibility and at the same time is beautiful and peaceful while complementing its surroundings.

“The proposed concept for the circle is to have a unique urban energy,” she said. “It stands apart from other surrounding buildings yet is completely integrated into its neighborhood to serve the community. The concept is intended to create a cultural and social place inherent in Venice and enhancing the functions as it improves public life and brings the community together.”


Comments (6)

  1. Steve Burns

    This looks nice. I always thought a circular water feature would be great in the circle. Restores a living memory of the fact that the circle once was a very popular water feature itself. I think Abbott Kinney would approve.

  2. Nick Antonicello

    Great effort. That’s two great renderings. Hopefully the city will consider these in-kind contributions from the community.

  3. Gabriel Martinez

    Like I said, the VNC doesn’t stand for what the whole community wants. Now I understand why someone started a thread to boycott this site. I will also boycott this site and I also would like to say that we need to stand up and defend our community against people like Mehrenoosh Mojalli. Here Mehrenoosh this one is for you: http://www.venicenc.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/758-Sunset-LUPC-Staff-Report-Final.pdf This site is not only vial it’s downright biased to the core. Same thing happened to YoVenice. Justice will be served.

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