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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Cityhood for Venice? Will Venice Do a Vexit?

Is Venice going to become its own entity, its own City? Will Venice achieve Cityhood? This year the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) established the Venice Ad-Hoc committee, headed by Nick Antonicello, called Cityhood to check out the possibilities, options, and feasibility of this endeavor.

Nick and a few other Venice locals chatted with LACurbed writer Isaac Simpson at the VNC picnic the last of July. This is the story, according to Simpson, of the travails of the path toward independence for Venice.

Comments (10)

  1. Nick Antonicello

    Would love to meet with Mr. Martinez face to face so he can air all his dirty laundry and complaints about me. You have my number. That’s an open invitation my friend. I’ll even buy the coffee.

  2. Gabriel Martinez

    You might want to man up Nick Antonicello and stop hiding behind daddy. You’re going to need balls stronger than 80lb kettle bells to debate me on this site. Man up first and maybe you can get your chance. VexNick

    • Nick Antonicello

      Feel free to call me anytime you like. I can be reached at (310) 621-3775.

      • Gabriel Martinez

        You don’t have the balls so why would I want to debate a coward like you. I had asked for the VNC not you. I think we know who will win, and it won’t be you Nick Antonicello.

        • James

          Gabriel, I think you’re confused about what this website is for and the audience.

        • Nick Antonicello

          Why don’t you clean up your act and behave like an adult?

          You have a problem with me? You have my number.

          • Gabriel Martinez

            To: Nick Antonicello
            My act is clean. I am behaving like an adult. Like I said before I have boycotted this site because this site is biased to the core. Nick, have you been riding your bike too long without a helmet? It’s finally caught up to you. I just came on here to let you know not to be like Mike Bonin, and use helmet safety. Also, when you do ride your bike, use the street, not the sidewalk. Mike Bonin isn’t a good example to follow, and many people realize this. And from what I read on this thread, you like to bike. Please man up and stop being a coward. And if you don’t use your helmet, use it. Don’t do a “Bonin”. VexNick is in motion. The time has come to Save Venice.

          • James

            Gabriel clearly doesn’t understand what a boycott is

  3. Gabriel Martinez

    And I don’t want to debate Nick. Nick has to hide behind his daddy. Nick grow some real balls and man up! This is exactly how these monsters work at the new VNC. This site doesn’t instill what it proclaims. Neither does the VNC!

  4. Gabriel Martinez

    We can truly see now who the monsters truly are. This is why not even one VNC member wants to debate me on this site. When you get called out that’s when you hide. Typical for the new VNC. You won’t want to hear what the whole community wants. I can see the VNC are also cowards.

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