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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Hollie Stenson Voted New VNC Community Officer

Venice Neighborhood Council voted Hollie Stenson to fill the community officer position vacated by Gina Maslow. Hollie ran for Outreach Officer against Matt Kline in the last election but was defeated. She will serve two years.

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  1. Gabriel Martinez

    Correction: This site is not the unbiased site it claims to be.

  2. Gabriel Martinez

    Now we know who the monsters really are. I will debate the entire VNC here on this site, including Reta as to why this site is the unbiased site it claims to be. I will also debate and prove to the VNC what makes you the monsters you really are. In other words, you can’t hide from the truth. You are helping in the total destruction of our community. Boyle Heights won’t forget, Mar Vista also won’t forget. Who on the VNC will come on here this afternoon. I will take you all on in a debate you will never forget!

    • Richard Feibusch

      Gabriel – This site is not biased, Reta is not biased – the responders are, both you and your perceived opposition – If you want a bunch of people who agree with you, there always is the Beachhead or the Spirit of Venice websites that are filled with angry people living in the past… Update seems to be presently dominated by angry people living in the present who are not happy about many things from overdevelopment, and a serious commercial intrusion, as well as having most of the negative aspects of being the “Home of The Homeless” shoved up their butts by a City government that is more concerned with the image of “helping the homeless” over actually really doing anything about it and local social services that are happy to collect funding to assist a few while lobbying to keep the rest on Venice streets until there is enough housing is available to house all of the unhoused population in LA county… It is unfair to judge a website by the postings… Reta is doing a fine job – A biased sight would just suppress your postings, rather than let you vent and vilify most of your neighbors – Sad as it is, it ain’t gonna go back to whatever it was for anybody… You just gotta live with it of find an alternative place to live…

      • Gabriel Martinez

        I didn’t call you out did I Rick. I called out the VNC and I called out Reta to debate. I’ll be on here at 3:30p.m. Don’t be a no show.

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