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Sobel Writes VNC Board that Ryavec Motion Figures Are Incorrect

Attorney Carol Sobel has written to the Venice Neighborhood Council asking the board to consider the facts, the numbers involving the Ryavec motion regarding suspension of the Jones Settlement and reenforcement of LAMC 41.18(d).

Carol Sobel believes the figures Mark Ryavec is relying on for his motion are incorrect and furthermore that the City figures which he bases his figures on are incorrect as well.

She further states that using these figures “would put the City at risk of losing considerable federal funding necessary to build the housing LA so desperately needs to address the ever increasing problem the City faces.  The federal Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) is imposing a point penalty on applications from government entities that implement policies of  criminalizing homelessness.”

The Jones settlement, which Carol Sobel and the ACLU effected,  required the City to suspend enforcement of LAMC 41.18(d) between the hours of 9 pm and 6 am until 1250 units of Permanent and Supportive Housing (PSH) was created.  Of the 1250 units, half were required to be created in Skid Row or in the adjacent downtown area.

Below is Carol Sobel’s letter to the Venice Neighborhood Council along with supportive documents.









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  1. Isn’t it interesting that the person who continues to seek criminalization of homeless people opposes any and all proposed solutions? The only solutions that interest The Grinch are pushing people further and further east, away from the beach, but is vehemently opposed to to help creating low income housing. You can’t have it both ways. To get people housed, housing must be created and acceptance of the fact of the loss of existing housing is due to illegal short term rentals and tear down/remodel. The settlement terms of the Jones decision have not been met for 8 years because of a huge net LOSS of affordable housing in Venice and all over the City. Something must be done to get people off the street and we all need to recognize that fact and do something constructive about it.

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