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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Murez Proposes Place to Build for Homeless and Jobs for Homeless

By Jim Murez

Maybe I’m missing something in the Councilman’s plans to create homeless housing in Venice but it seems to be that all of these so called projects are transitional solutions. To me this means the general public will foot the bill to help people who are living on the street get into programs that will help them to rejoin the American work force. Once a homeless person gets shelter the next step is to help them get a job.

Well from a very simplistic point of view, it seems to me many of the homeless will be starting out at the bottom of the jobs market. And to that end, they need entry level jobs that don’t require a lot of education or training.

Back when Playa-Vista was being developed, Challis and others fought hard to get a jobs program included in all aspects of the construction phase. The program was called PV Jobs. It was a success and for all I know maybe it is still going.

Note: Challis Macpherson said before she died that PVjobs had been so successful that it had gone statewide and probably was on its way to be a national program.

But what about the Councilman proposals, where will the jobs be for the homeless in Venice? I ask this question because traffic is already bad enough so commuting should not be considered in my opinion. But even if commuting was an option, who would pay for the transportation and still the bigger question, where are the jobs goes unanswered.

The City owns 340 acres next to LAX that is slated to become a park and an office complex. The land is deed restricted by the FAA and cannot have housing built there. But nearly abutting this huge site are a bunch of LA City office buildings and an existing park on land that is NOT deed restricted. The site is at Lincoln and Manchester, also referred to as Westchester Park and gold course..

Also seems to me LAX is one of the largest employers in Southern California of entry level jobs… these are the people that sweep the floors, clean the bathrooms, handle the luggage, etc.

So I ask the question, why not move the current services that reside on unrestricted land onto the FAA restricted site. Then build all the homeless housing the City can afford and tie the transitional element of the project into LAX jobs?

Something to consider.

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