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Murez Says Stop … Let the Stakeholder Look

The following, in letter form, is a motion that Jim Murez, community officer, will present to the Venice Neighborhood Council board Tuesday night at  6:30 pm, Westminster Elementary School, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd hopefully to stop the listed project from going thru a short-cutted process that has bypassed the stakeholders and the Venice Neighborhood Council.  If the motion is passed, the letter will be sent.

Dear Councilman Bonin:
The Venice Neighborhood Council by-laws were certified by the City of Los Angeles in shortly after Charter Reform in 2000. These governing rules were designed to give Stakeholders an opportunity to voice their opinions on all developments and budgetary items within the boundaries of our region.

City government has taken actions which have potential financial impacts to our community. Additionally, some of these actions involve land development issues none of which have been shared with our neighborhood council.

We believe the City just like any private developer should share anything that is going to affect our community in an open and transparent process.

Therefore, we request the City present the following projects to our council in whatever state they are presently and stop taking any actions until such time as our council and stakeholders have had a chance to voice our opinion on any and all proposals.

List of Projects including but not limited to:

    A project in DOT Parking Lot No. 731 has had City resources allocated for a new project
    A parcel commonly known at the MTA Division No.6 is under construction with a CDP
    City resources have been allocated to the Venice Senior Center / Dog Park located at Westminster Ave.
    Resources are being spent to rezone the Thatcher Ave Maintenance Yard
    Ocean Front Walk Business Improvement District is having resources allocated and City properties included without any public input.


Respectfully submitted,

Ira Koslow
Venice Neighborhood Council

cc. Mayor Garcetti
California Coastal Commission

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