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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Planning Commission to Hear Appeal of 811 – 815 Ocean Front Walk


LA Area Planning Commission will hear an appeal of 811 –  815 Ocean Front Walk 21 September, 4:30 pm, Parking Enforcement Facility, 11214 West Exposition Blvd, LA 90064. Owner requested a continuance from August to September.

The hearing involves an Appeal of the Zoning Administrators decision to approve: pursuant to LAMC Section 12.20.2, a Coastal Development Permit authorizing the demolition of nine existing residential dwelling units within three buildings, and the construction use and maintenance of a three-story mixed-use building containing a ground-level restaurant, two dwelling units, and subterranean parking garage, on property located within the dual jurisdiction area of the Coastal Zone; pursuant to LAMC Section 12.24W, a Conditional Use to allow the sale and dispensing of a full line of alcoholic beverage for on-site consumption in conjunction with a proposed restaurant in the C1-1 Zone; and pursuant to LAMC Section 11.5.7.C, a Project Permit Compliance Review for the construction of a three-story, 35-foot in height, approximately 11,147 square-foot, mixed-use building containing a ground-level 2,691 square-foot restaurant, two upper-floor residential dwelling units, and a subterranean parking level providing a total of 36 on-site parking spaces; all within the Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan, and; to adopt Mitigated Negative Declaration No. ENV-2014- 3008-MND as the environmental clearance for the Project. (A Zone Variance from Municipal Code Section 12.21-A,5 to allow deviations in the design of parking facilities in conjunction with the provision of 36 on-site parking spaces was dismissed).

Appellants:  POWER, Bill Przylucki, Robin Rudisill, Mark Kleiman, Gabriel Ruspini, Todd Darling, Lydia Ponce, Sue Kaplan, George Gineris, Laddie Williams

Applicant:  811 Ocean Front Walk LLC, 815 Ocean Front Walk LLC, Gary Sutter, Vera Sutter Representative: John Reed, Reed Architectural Group, Inc.



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