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Ryavec Says May Run for Bonin’s Job

Mark Ryavec, president of Venice Stakeholders Association (VSA), said he was thinking of running for city council seat now held by Councilman Mike Bonin. Ryavec said he would be making the final decision to run in a month or so.  Bonin is up for re-election next year.

Ryavec has established himself as a fighter for the rights of those who live and work in Venice – owners, tenants, and business owners.  While there are many groups defending the rights of the homeless,  only Ryavec has established himself as a human rights advocate for those who live in Venice and are subject to a growing presence of homelessness.



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  1. anonymous

    Graham, you are a very negative person and a rabble rouser. Mark Ryavec is a man of high character who has worked very hard to improve our community. You are simply complaining and whining about any progress in Venice because you think Venice should have a wealth and income cap – meaning no one is allowed to move here that has worked hard and done well. That’s not how it works in America. We don’t resent success and hard work, we admire it. The gentrification of Venice is no different, it’s a normal progression. Stop fighting it tooth and nail and become part of the solution.

    • Graham

      Mark Ryavec is a one issue demagogue who has done nothing for Venice except try to criminalize the poor amongst us. Frankly I hope he does run because he will lose and it will hopefully shut him and the rest of you developers up once and for all.

      • anonymous

        A criminal is still a criminal and responsible for their crimes even if they’re homeless. Homelessness is not an excuse to terrify residents and steal bicycles and other property. Remember, Charles Manson was homeless too (and was in Venice for a stint in the late 60s). Clearly his “unhoused” status does not excuse his criminal behavior. So get a clue Graham and stop being an apologist for drug addicts and criminal transients who terrify this neighborhood on a daily basis.

        • Graham

          So basically what you are arguing is that because some homeless people are criminals that all homeless people should be treated as criminals. It’s you who needs to get a clue. You might know a lot about making money but you obviously slept through your High School Civics class.

          • anonymous

            Again, Graham you have your syllogism totally backwards (you skipped logic in college I’m gathering). Not one violent criminal should escape justice just because of their housing status. An attack is an attack and a rape is a rape, regardless of housing status. A criminal transient raped and killed a woman pregnant with twins on Electric Ave a few years ago. If Venice did not have apologists like you keeping the police from doing their job, the police might have picked him up and learned about his outstanding warrants and prevented that tragedy. You are treating all homeless as having more rights than residents and are excusing them as a group from responsibility for criminal and violent behavior. The homeless encampments at the beach are harboring KNOWN criminals, some who are mentally ill and have violently attacked citizens in the past. For political reasons, Bonin has asked police officers and the DA not to issue “DO NOT RETURN” warrants so they don’t come back to Venice. The point is that homelessness does NOT excuse criminal behavior. Your sympathies for homeless folks as a group is admirable but it is clouding your judgment and endangering residents. If someone breaks into your home, steals your electronics and attacks your girlfriend in the process (happened to my neighbor), why should they be excused because they live in a homeless encampment in Venice?

          • Graham

            Yes I know all the Ryavec talking points already. What you people want to do is run all the homeless out of Venice because some of them might be criminals. What you people want to do is convict all homeless people of guilt by association. Except we don’t do things like this in America. It goes against every principle this country stands for. Maybe back in Slovenia where Mark Ryavec is from the Communists conducted business like that but this is not Slovenia. It is the United States of America where we hve this thing called a Constitution that prevents people like you from walking all over the rights of others. That is why you keep losing these lawsuits and why you will continue to lose them.

          • James

            Communists would probably take better care of their homeless than Americans. Most countries do due to a stronger safety net preventing homelessness and universal healthcare.

  2. James

    I hope he runs

  3. Graham

    Mark Ryavec “ran” for City Council a few years ago. His campaign lasted all of about a week or two before he decided he didn’t really want to run and he dropped out of the race. The man is a quitter. And that’s just one of his minor character flaws.

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