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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–8 August 2016

Heather Kahler
Ref from Kip Pardue’s Analysis of Venice/Dell Property

The sixth property is a parcel in WLA – just off Bundy near Olympic Blvd. The area is a mix of commercial and residential, quite near single family homes. The lot is currently occupied by a former animal shelter. It is close to the new Expo Line station and does have access to commercial spaces. The land is certainly valuable from a financial prospect, but not anywhere near the Venice lots. This location – if handled delicately – could be a nice location for a mixed development – one that serves the current residents and provides a combination of low-income and housing for the homeless.

I THOROUGHLY vehemently disagree with this statement above:

This location is near a playground/park, and about 3-4 schools including R1 housing.
No one seems to mention that. Likely no one has thought about it or is informed.
One school is adjacent to the old Animal shelter.
Not a good spot to have indigent transient people coming and going, using, rehabbing, loitering etc. – so many homeless are mentally ill, on drugs, and I always worry about convicted sex offenders (or unconvicted) living in motor homes and on the street.

Westside children have been thoroughly and overly exposed to WAY too much in recent years regarding these issues, and working law abiding families have lived feeling way to vulnerable to indigent and miscreant behavior and filth, drug use in plain site on a regular basis. They deserve to not be vulnerable where they go to school any more than they already are! Yes there is reality, life lessons, empathy acquired living among our widely diverse population including the down and out, but what Westside families have with transients/homeless is OVERKILL and has impacted the quality of life for families and children for WAY TOO LONG.

schools within blocks of the proposed site:

New West Charter
1905 Armacost Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Stoner Ave Park And Recreation Center
1835 Stoner Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Wildwood Schools Middle and Upper Campus
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL2000 Stoner Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90025
MIDDLE SCHOOL3131 Olympic Blvd.Santa Monica, CA 90404
UPPER SCHOOL3131 Olympic Blvd.Santa Monica, CA 90404
11811 Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90064

New Roads School
3131 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Brawerman Elementary School
11661 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Ken Halloway
Re: your Judy Mansfield burglary posting
The burglars in the link at the bottom who evidently have been in the Mar Vista neighborhood, were in Oxford Triangle on July 15th. One of our neighbors caught them on their security camera. Fortunately nothing stolen as there was someone home – they evidently entered and left by hopping the box fence.


Jody Eldred

Love Regina Weller’s story of taking care of the woman and her two children, especially the police officers buying ice cream so they could celebrate the little 8 year-old’s birthday.
She and Steven are definitely being God’s hands and feet.

That is what love looks like.

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