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Single-Family Housing Today; Tomorrow Single-Family Plus One?

By Barbara Broide, A West LA Homeowner

It is important that you and your community be aware of the pending action of the LA City Council to legalize Second Dwelling Unit (SDU)/Granny Units across the City to state standards which allow for SDU’s of up to 1200 square feet with no minimum lot size requirement and which will essentially re-zone R1/single family neighborhoods into multi-family duplex properties.

The article from CityWatch (see link below) summarizes the current situation. Neighborhood councils should consider making CIS statements and/or emergency motions to oppose the current recommendations. Individuals should consider writing as stakeholders/taxpayers.

SEE: http://www.citywatchla.com/index.php/the-la-beat/11502-on-the-brink-of-folly-will-city-council-unwittingly-upzone-la-s-single-family-neighborhoods

The last paragraph from the CityWatch article closes with:

“The Council can easily reject the Department’s proposed repeal ordinance and act to protect our single-family neighborhoods. For example, the Council can simply amend the SDU ordinance to keep the current protective standards while removing the discretionary CUP elements. Alternatively, the Council can decouple the grandfathering provisions to protect the reliance interests of property owners whose SDUs were stopped by LADBS and issue a new administrative memorandum that applies the existing SDU protections ministerially. Anyone who cares about their neighborhood should call or email their Councilmember immediately to stop the repeal ordinance!”

The Planning Dept. staff report can be found at:


You may wish to write your Councilmember, the full Council and Mayor to voice your opposition to the measure under expedited consideration which will repeal existing subsections of the LA Municipal Code (sections 12.24 W.43 and 12.24 W.44) and by default place the City under the STATE’S Granny Unit law. The City’s standards limit SDUs to 640 square feet with minimum lot size requirements. As noted in the staff report, “the City’s standards are more flexible and tailored in some ways………”

If the City wishes to update its SDU ordinance, it should not repeal the ordinance and give up our local control (and the policy that was adopted as a result of broad community participation) to the state’s less detailed and more permissive standards. There should be a citywide discussion of what kind of revisions are to be considered.

Contact City Council ASAP re: CF 16-0348.

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