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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

“Ghost Town” Premiers Tonight

This is the backdrop for “Ghost Town,” premiering Thursday, 4 August, Oakwood Community Park at 8 pm.

“Ghost Town,” a Cornerstone Theatre production, premiers tonight at 8 pm, Oakwood Community Park with a play about Venice and using the local, Venice talent. The play will be put on 4,5, and 6 August starting at 8 pm. Donations, suggested $10, only”

“Set against the colorful and complicated neighborhood of Venice, Ghost Town is the love story between a woman and her house. When Zelda is offered big bucks for her charming Bungalow, she’ll have to decide – should she stay or should she go? Visited by the ghosts of Venice past, present, and future, Zelda learns of the vibrant history of her community – the visions of Abbot Kinney, the dreams of migrant families, and the inspiration for generations of artists and creatives,” as stated by the publicity but sounds like every Venetian’s quandary. “Zelda she also learns that not everyone is as they seem and the future may be dark for her beloved home. Full of music and revelry, Ghost Town serves up a story of home, community, and change that is both raucous and real.”

Bring blanket, chair and dress accordingly. It will be outside on the lawn.

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    Well done. Very funny, entertaining and thought provoking.

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