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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–25 July 2016

Peter Griswold
Govt is much to blame for housing shortage and a deferred permit plan could help. Govt could take back an equity interest in the property for certain qualified projects. Govt then collects all FEES PLUS INTEREST when Certificate of Occupancy is ready.
Single Room Occupancy is the best, cost efficient way taxpayers will be willing to pay. Restrain bureaucracy and high-priced designs. Build with simplified + simple systems to control costs. Both urban and suburban neighborhoods should include some buildings that offer basic housing units for “no-low income citizens” with much smaller square foot sizes:
about 350 Single…..about 500 Couple……plus 150 for a child and 75 more for each added child.

Simplified design and construction will create a much lower cost and long life structures. The idea is not to ghettoize any particular area but to spread lower cost housing all around. This will increase economic diversity and spread lower income workers to more areas.

This year the Venice Gateway Apartments 20 units cost 10 million using LEED technology . Last year the Star Apartments on Skid Row–102 units cost 40 million (with rooftop running track).
Review them; costing 500K$ & 392K$ dollars per unit is a wasteful and genuine scandal.

Fortunes per unit is outrageous to build housing for no-low income citizens.
All working people will resent and resist such expensive construction that benefits so few.
Such extravagance will not increase good will with the people to add taxes for homeless housing.
Many non-profits are that way because of overpaid principals and very high expenses.
Where do non-profits get financing? Some get it from the government and from “donors”
Undisclosed Reversion Agreements sometimes revert ownership to the developers and donors.
Then rents can increase to full market rate. Maybe the tax deductible donation to the non-profit (as well as depreciation) ultimately becomes an investment to PROFIT the developer
and the contributors with a gain!!?!

This writer is not eloquent but whose career was construction. He once developed a duplex around the corner from a fourplex by a nonprofit == 70% cheaper and 60% faster!!
More to follow………..Griswold Marina del Rey 310-821-9862

Bonnie Barrett
Remarks about fireworks were spot-on. It was terrible.

Elizabeth Wright
Re: Maintenance Yard in the Oxford Triangle
After the major earthquake (and it is a fact that there will be one) the area will have a lot of people trapped in collapsed homes, apartments, condos. Saving the lives of those trapped inside buildings will often require more power than available with a sports car or minivan.
All the discussion seems to be about what kind of housing to build on the maintenance yard property. I’d like folks to think seriously about something besides what will happen to their property values, the character of their neighborhoods, and what solutions are possible for ending homelessness. Instead, think about what will be available to move refrigerators, parts of roofs and walls to save trapped families in the Oxford Triangle and the rest of the Venice/Marina area. Nothing, to my knowledge.
With the MTA bus yard empty and the maintenance yard empty, I believe the only source of powerful vehicles within Venice and the Marina is fire trucks. But in an earthquake-type crisis, the firemen and their trucks will be busy putting out fires! The City’s trucks and equipment housed inland will be busy helping their immediate areas.
I urge you to consider that solutions to homelessness can be moved inland, but assistance after an earthquake will not be able to move into the Venice/Marina area. Traffic and noise from the City services trucks and equipment that used to be in the maintenance yard was usually tolerable, but becomes a major nuisance if there is a long-term crisis such as happened previously. But we need the vehicular power to save lives! Putting them back will potentially be a significant sacrifice by the folks on Thatcher and Princeton Avenues. With luck there will be few crises. Venice has approximately 37,000 people. I do not know how many Marina Del Rey has. I am pleading that you tell everyone, including Councilman Bonin, that THE YARD SHOULD ONCE AGAIN BE USED FOR THE CITY SERVICES THAT USED TO BE THERE.

Chris Cerbo
Got this from Debbie in Bonin’s office in a note on July 5 in reference to what plans might be in place for the yard. I asked to be added to the list for alerts and info but was not forwarded any surveys after that.

“The City may sell the property to fund homeless services or housing, or it may partner with a developer to provide affordable housing at the site. At this point we have no specific plan, but given the homelessness crisis in the City and County of LA, and the fact that the Mayor’s budget calls for such activity on this and other City parcels, we don’t see other options as feasible.”

Cassie Blanco
What’s with Lincoln?

Eileen Goldstein
They need to move the homeless out of the
neighborhood not in it.

Chris Cerbo
Former Fiesta Motel in North Hollywood becomes hub for homeless- job placement, services, shelter, home placement. Story never appeared in local LA Times.


Yolanda Gonzalez
Watch out for DWP reform.


City destroys homes to fatten Metro pocket


A better way to fund homeless housing


Will City Council unwittingly Upzone R-1 neighborhoods?


Pension Monster


Reta Moser
Members of the Oxford Triangle met Monday. It was determined that the residents wanted the Sanitation and Street Services to remain on site, but if not possible then have the property rezoned R-1 in keeping with the single family neighborhood.

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