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When thoughts of conspiracies run into reality … VNC Item 15 on Agenda — What happened to It?

Westminster Senior Center

By Darryl DuFay, a Concerned Venetian

Sunday, June 5th, a political tsunami swept through the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) election. Two years of “stability” were gone and would need to be rebuilt. A majority of officers and At-Large representatives were replaced. The first meeting of the new VNC was long, involved, often confusing, and necessary. The second meeting on July 19th was the same.

This definitely was not the meeting to expect a first time in-depth discussion by the VNC on Item 15, the future use of the vacant Westminster Senior Citizens’ building as a homeless storage location. It also involved the ever unpredictable “legal issue.”

On Monday, July 11th, the Administrative Committee (AdCom), set up the July 19th VNC Agenda. And, there was Item 15, “Opposition Use of the Westminster Senior Center for Storage” (Mark Ryavec). It was the last item. Set for 10:06 p.m. with a 45-minute discussion period. It was at the end of the Agenda because it was “New Business.”

It was never heard. At the beginning of the meeting Ira Koslow, VNC President, announced he had just received two letters from lawyers asserting that the proposed use of the building was illegal. Based on that he asked that Item 15 be removed from the Agenda and sent to the Homeless Committee.

The Board voted to do that. However, there was no Homeless Committee to send it to. That didn’t happen until one was created later in the evening as an AdHoc Committee.

It was also “interesting” that the letters, which were sent by Ryavec’s lawyers, should arrive right at that time and had not been included sooner in the Board’s documents.

Mark states that Ira said there would be a legal representative of the City Attorney at the meeting. Ira comments that he made attempts to get such a representative, but received no reply.

Mark said he had parents from the adjacent school at the meeting ready to be heard. That would have been between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. But, by that time there were not many people left. The meeting had started at 6:30, which was thirty minutes earlier. The VNC was exhausted.

The reality is that Item 15 should receive the attention that it deserves. That could probably be in August after being review by the appropriate committee and presented to the VNC Board.

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