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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VNC With So Much Business Had Some Silly Events

Tuesdays’ Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) meet was rather busy with a lot of things happening, plus it was really the first real meet of the new board, and then it had unnecessary distractions.  

Yes, board was sworn in last month but committees had not been established, etc. The board had not had an administrative committee (adcom) meet prior to the swearing in ceremony.  In fact, they had been certified only 48 hours before so most did not know if they were elected or not until then.


Tuesday night while trying to get the committees established and the normal business out of the way, it was rather chaotic in a normal Venice manner.  

A homeless man, pretending to be a mime, did his thing in front of the board. Police were not present so VNC President Ira Koslow asked someone to call them because homeless person  was distracting all.   Then someone  yelled something from the audience and refused to be quiet.  Police arrived and tried to establish peace and the disturbers did quiet down and finally left.

In spite of it all, LUPC members were voted in, Neighborhood committee members were selected, the Westminster Senior Center resolution was sent to the Homeless Committee which was about to be established with Will Hawkins as chair.  The Thatcher Yard resolution was sent to LUPC.  Mass, Scale, and Character ad hoc committee was extended with Sue Kaplan as chair.  City Hood committee was established with Nick Antonicello as chair.

It was announced that the registrations had been reviewed and there were 110 employees of Venice establishments who voted and 15 were from the same establishment. President Ira Koslow announced that none of this would have changed the outcome of the election.

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