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Stewart Oscars Feels POW-MIA Memorial Wall and 1416 Abbot Kinney Taggers Might Be Same

Stewart Oscars has become the ultimate graffiti sleuth for Venice. Am sure he submits a list of graffiti to the graffiti removal crew daily. Now he is getting into analyzing the graffiti. The Sheriff’s graffiti detective may be consulting Oscars soon.



graffiti3(All Photos by Stewart Oscars.)

“The first photo is the Venice Vietnam Memorial Wall, # 2 and 3 are the 1416 Abbot Kinney Mural which was destroyed 6 and 7 July,” he wrote. ” #2 is the first tagging and #3 covers #2 and was done hours later and is the final covering.

“There is surveillance video of the 1416 tagging some of which was shown on CH 2 in a report by Jeff Nguyen. When I watched that report, the letters that the guy on the left is painting sure looked like the letters on the left of the Memorial Wall; and the next letters just to the right on the Wall looked like the final tagging on the 1416 Mural. The photos illustrate the letters.

“Could the tagging on the two murals have been done by same people?”

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