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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Homeless Encampments on OFW


park place encamp



(All photos submitted by anonymous.)

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  1. ForRickFeibusch

    I know the lingo here and I’m not a troll. I’m just trying to help our community. Here is this site that gives some helpful information, perhaps you should read it and learn about the truth. http://la.indymedia.org/news/2011/06/246141.php

    • Rick Feibusch

      You directed me to a website that accuses me of “telling fairy stories” – when I was publishing the WatchDawg – Truth with you folks is a matter of perspective rather than fact – My facts are always checked and correct – You are a troll, an unnamed accuser with no basis or validity… What I have been posting here is what I learned after being involved with this BS for over 20 years, and to hopefully encourage Venice residents, who do not see things the way you do, to not be intimidated or cowed into silence by your heartfelt hipper-than-thou rhetoric…

      • 100yearsplusandStillFightingforVenice

        It’s on the record so don’t take it from me Rick. It’s part of Venice History.

        • Rick Feibusch

          Yeah, troll with many names – History??? Show me the “Fairy Stories” I wrote… As for this website.. A BS collection by the delusional… Give us all a break!! Back under the bridge, Troll!!!

          • 100yearsplusandStillFightingforVenice

            I don’t have to show you each one. Each word you put out is part of history. I don’t need to call you what you really are Rick. We already know what you really are. I’ll let history prove it. Democracy will settle the score in the long run.

        • Rick Feibusch

          And we also know what you are… TROLL!!! TROLL!!! TROLL!!! TROLL!!!

          • It hurts doesn’t it Rick and Nick A! Now you know how it feels and what goes around, comes around full Venice Circle. To anyone in Venice reading this and cares about Saving Venice from people like Nick and Rick please leave a shout out on this site and let the real debate begin!

          • James

            I would like to save Venice from trolls. I support people like Rick and Nick A and so does the Venice community based on the VNC election.

  2. Richard Feibusch

    Nick, squalor trolls aside, be assured that you are the reasonable one and those jackholes come here to make you and any other normal people feel like there might be something wrong with them… NO COMPASSION??? Bullshit! This is not about compassion, it is about lawlessness and substance abuse… And who the hell made these trolls the monitors of what is or is not “Venice”??? After living away from Venice, I now can see the difference between REAL homeless people and social service solutions that seem to be working in conjunction with law enforcement to separate the needy from a bunch of over aged children drinkin’ and druggin’ at the community’s expense – Venice is a poster child for government that does not work – Bonin turned out to be a bigger disappointment than his mentor Ruth Galanter. Using Venice as a trash receptacle for CD 11, while promoting big projects with none of this BS in the Palisades and Westchester, while piling it on Venice. As for the trolls on this website, they are organized and promoted by the SOCIAL SERVICE LOBBY and are here to discourage residents from voicing their opinions by insisting that Venice residents MUST be so hip that they will take on this crap in order to counter actions by landlords and developers, most who do not even live in Venice. It is a thing that I encountered daily when publishing the Venice WatchDawg online for over a decade – You are in the multi-million dollar pockets of the social service gravy train and you will be dealing with this for at least another five years – This is now the third time the “homeless problem” has come and gone in Venice (well…not this time yet) in the 26 years we lived there. Suggestion: rent your overpriced place and move east of Wallgrove ’till the dust settles… As for being a hater, YEP, I HATE THIS SHIT!!!! You should too, and be proud to be a civilized Venice resident…

  3. Nick Antonicello

    Those encampments are dangerous, a public nuisance as well as a health hazard that depresses tourists and locals from visiting OFW.

    How any reasonable person can support or enable that assembled filth and source of drug and alcohol abuse doesn’t get it and never will.

    It should be renamed “Boninville” after our esteemed city council member who continues to do nothing about these encampments or anything else here in Venice.

    Just another reason why city hood for Venice needs to be examined and taken seriously by the community because what you have today is not working and in fact is getting worse.

    Could you imagine any other popular destination like Central Park or Bourbon Street being allowed to fall into such physical decay as OFW?

    Cityhood people.

    • Graham

      Nick you are part of a cabal of haters here in Venice who make a lot of statements that simply aren’t true. The Boardwalk was packed with people yesterday, just like it is every day. Even at night the boardwalk still has plenty of people riding bicycles and skateboards and generally enjoying themselves. It’s not true that the tourists and locals aren’t visiting the Boardwalk. The mere fact that you refer to the Boardwalk as “OFW” just shows that you’re not a local. I don’t know how long you’ve been here but you’re obviously living in the wrong town dude. This ain’t the Marina. And it never will be.

      • Nick Antonicello

        Hate? How about reality? Does 24 years make you a local? How many decades does one need to live here to be considered in your status? How are these encampments helping these people? What you have now is a mess. These tired and retreaded accusations that you have to be born in Venice to have an opinion are ridiculous. Again, you have a comprehension deficit. The encampments will depress visitation over time. Any place that is considered unsafe will fall victim to such a description. Tell me, why is the place a ghost town after sunset? There’s a reason. If you think the mess that exists is “cool” or inherently local, your in a distinct minority.

        • Graham

          Regardless of how long you lived here if you’re referring to the Boardwalk as “OFW” you’re not a local. And you never will be. And the Boardwalk is not a ghost town after sunset. I’m down there every night. You don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s all kinds of people down there every night. And if your asshole friend Mark Ryavec hadn’t shoved that curfew down our throats there would be plenty of people there after midnight too.

          • Nick Antonicello

            Who died and left you in charge of all that is Venice? Were you in Abbot Kinney’s will or something? I live 500 yards from OFW and I am down there every night too. I have a black electric bike so feel free to stop me and have a normal conversation. I know Mark, I wouldn’t consider him a friend, but I know him and your issues with him are yours. Stop with the pious attitude and assumptions about someone (me) you don’t even know. This “local” status is quite ridiculous since you’ve become an endangered species of sorts with all the change taking place. You want to think your opinion matter more because you were born here? That’s fine with me. But stop with the assumptions, innuendo and alike. I lived in other place where the exact same thing took place. You can’t lock a community in time. Jim Morrison won’t be strolling down the “boardwalk” anytime soon. The only constant in life for better or worse is the concept of change and being able to adapt and overcome those changes we don’t like.

          • VeniceMom

            Hi Graham. Just because Nick doesn’t use your Venice lingo, doesn’t mean he’s not a local. Even the Venice Neighborhood Council (“VNC”)has an established Ocean Front Walk (“OFW”) Committee. Rather than judge or chastise someone by the lingo they choose to use, why don’t you support your opinions with something worth reading? Anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a “hater”, anyone who doesn’t use your lingo is not a local, and anyone who wants to clean up Venice and doesn’t want to constantly walk pass inebriated, delirious, obnoxious homeless people each day on the boardwalk (especially someone with a young daughter such as myself) is discriminating against the homeless or is a bigot. You just say the same thing over and over again.

    • NickAntonicelloDoesntKnowVeniceEducateyourselfmore

      Our family has been living in Venice for over 100 years. We know Venice and we know haters when we meet them. I would advise you Nick A. to educate yourself more on compassion. Venice wasn’t built in a day. I think you need to realize nobody wants to be homeless for the exception for those who made a choice that they are happy living on the streets. All city hood will do is make the problem of hating against the homeless and low income worse in Venice. City hood in this area is a way for the investor or wealthy class to gain more appreciation on their investments in Venice. Venice is becoming a magnet for “hot” properties and they are appreciating at a rapid pace. The only problem is now it has slowed down and even though development is still happening in Venice the problem for the investor class is that they want to keep making more money on their investments. Greed is the right word to use for the excuse for Cityhood. You may be discriminating against the homeless and trying to segregate them by trying to uplift laws meant to protect them. Los Angeles will never be homeless free but will always need people with compassion to help them. Here is a two face we all know about that doesn’t have an ounce of compassion even though he try to get his sob stories out to the media lately. About Mark Ryavec. Don’t take it from me, read the article and do your research: https://sites.google.com/site/thevenicebeachpress/home/mark-ryavec–pos-or-what

      • Nick Antonicello

        You have no evidence indicating how city hood for Venice would help or hurt. Tenants for one would be the dominating voting demographic much like Santa Monica where renters have real political power, But you have no ability to look at city hood objectively so I won’t discuss it with the closed minded and uninformed. I sign my name to my posts, and allow myself to be attacked by those too cowardly to do the same and you want to speak as some local authority when in fact you only speak for yourself and no one else.

    • NickAntonicelloDoesntKnowVeniceEducateyourselfmore

      Here go ahead and see what is really going on in Venice lately. Honestly people aren’t willing to forget and forgive as it shows here: http://argonautnews.com/where-remodel-means-rebuild/

    • LetsRethinkVeniceWithMoreCompassionAndLessGreed

      I’ve got some of my stuff I want to unleash on you now, just don’t steal it from me: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-judge-venice-boardwalk-20160719-snap-story.html

    • Nick A how dare you speak of us as endangered species! We are anything but endangered. I don’t owe you any respect in my neighborhood. I don’t think you seem to understand that it’s also “ours”. I’m not a one man show. There are many more people on my side in the millions and growing. It’s hard to believe since all you want to see is something “objective”. I believe one hundred percent that we will prevail. We will Save Venice and also the world. This is just the beginning. Our Democracy will win in the long run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYLbASoecyc

    • These gentrifiers know nothing about community. All the affluent gentrifiers care about is money, and how many windows there big box houses have. On top of that, since the gentrifiers have been moving in, I see nothing but this stuck up attitude of entitlement coming from them. You can’t buy respect or love in this community. Venice is about real community. Everything is connected, and has value. Not monetary value. Have you ever been to Manhattan Beach lately? Not exactly a role model for what Venice should become. I think what you are really trying to do is create your own little gestapo like paradise by the sea. Just another way to settle the score with the homeless and the not so rich folks who think their “hip”. If you get your wish and incorporate Venice I promise you that you’ll get a taste of why they call Oakwood Ghost Town. In other words, when gentrification is complete, you and your Incorporated friends are going to live it up in Venice alone. Nobody wants to be with a bunch of stuck up self centered gentrifiers who think they are so very “hip”. It will be the democracy that will settle the score in the long run!

      • James

        You’re right, democracy will win and the latest example of democracy, the VNC election, did show the direction that the Venice community wants to go in. Your views are in the minority; the Venice community wants fewer homeless, continued development and a cleaner, safer Venice.

        • ThatsWhereYouAreWrongJames

          To label us a minority is also discrimination against us. It’s “ours” and not “yours”. In other words it’s our Democracy that will settle the score in the long run. This is why we will have housing for the homeless and low income in Venice. It’s going to happen because we believe to the fullest extent it will benefit “everyone”. I will be there for the ground breaking ceremonies. See you in Venice Neighbor.

          • Rick Feibusch

            Nyaa, Nyaa, Nyaa, Nyaa, Nyaa!! The unnamed troll chimes in yet again – Ignorant jagoff.. Even if this stuff is built (and I’m not saying that is necessarily a bad thing – depending how it is administrated), do you think than anyone living on the streets or alleys of Venice will live there??? Get real!!! Future tenants will be considered from all over LA County… There will be rules and careful background checks… Then, what will become of the present beach and alley population??? They will once again ask for more housing and refuse to move, bringing us all back to where we are right now… Sometimes it seems like you trolls just get off by calling residents gentrifiers, developers, and evil capitalists, rather than looking at viable solutions or considering that the Venice urban campground just might not be THE solution. Back under the bridge troll!!!

          • Graham

            What happened to the Rick Feibusch who said that in the end it wasn’t the homeless who drove him out of Venice, it was the gentrifiers ? That viewpoint certainly didn’t last too long.

          • Rick Feibusch

            Graham – It’s the same me – It was not gentrifiers – it was the urbanization – The upgrading of Venice not only brought brought spec overbuilders and outrageous rent increases, it brought parking problems, increased traffic and unseen horrors like a train in Santa Monica with inadequate parking so Westsiders could park in Venice, a town officially denied permit parking by the Coastal commission, and Big Blue Bus it to the station in Santa Monica. Gentrification or not, this was building over the last few years. As for the homeless, the situation has become ridiculously larger since I moved and has become evident that the City has little interest beyond long range projects that can only help a few, but apparently has no plan or is interested in actually doing anything about the expanding urban campground in the immediate future… But thanks for asking…

  4. Graham

    Considering how ridiculously high the rents throughout the entire City of Los Angeles are these days I have absolutely no problem with people who have figured out a way to live here on the cheap. When you have a major metropolitan city where it costs a $1,000 a month or more just to rent your own apartment anywhere within the city limits something is seriously wrong.

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