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Centennial Park Gets a Face Lift


About 30 people from San Pedro and Venice Recreation and Parks helped out.

Robin Murez and architect Diana Pollard, who did the plant selection and planting plan, go over the placement.

Department of Recreation and Parks came prepared to help Robin Murez with all the planting she needed for the Centennial Park beautification project, which was a Venice Neighborhood Council Community Improvement Project. Recreation and Parks had about 30 people from Venice and San Pedro to help.

Members of the improvement project are Robin Murez, chair, Diana Pollard, Alley Bean, Hayley Collins Feldman.

Centennial Park is in front of the Public Library on the median of North and South Venice Blvd, going east from the Library at Ocean Avenue.

“As of today, we have planted 860 new healthy plants in the park,” said Pollard. “Originally, per the budget, the quantity was to be 171 new plants but we were able to get five times that amount from a great wholesale nursery.

“We’ve had three planting sessions & it’s been so successful … fingers crossed that it will thrive. Rec & Parks supplied all the labor, which was considerable, we had about 30 workers today. Since the plants are quite small now I have attached the planting plan along with photos of the plants we installed today to give you sense about what it will look like in a year or so. These plants are all drought tolerant and with the exception of the Bouteloua (Blue Gamma Grass), are all evergreen.

It’s no longer a big scruffy LA median, it’s looking more like a park!”

Murez also wants to add an area of decomposed granite with mosaic balls.

“Should anyone have time, please join in doing mosaic on the Big Balls,” she invited. “I may be starting on them this week. We’ll do it at my studio on Main Street, Santa Monica. No experience needed – and most people enjoy doing it. The first will have imagery of a rocket ship, in honor of Ray Bradbury. That’s fun in itself, no?”



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