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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Local Architect Proposes New Community Center, Dog Park — Westminster Senior Center

Overview of the two-story community center building with satellite seating areas. Two round areas are individually for small dogs and children, while a larger area is for larger dogs.

“I have seen major changes here in Venice Beach related to private properties; however, so little attention has been given to existing public spaces,” said Mehrnoosh Mojallali, local architect and member of the Land Use and Planning Committee.

“These spaces in Venice Beach should serve the community with activities that promote social synergy.”

Venice resident Mehrnoosh is an architect dedicated to changing the public spaces in Venice to better serve the community — to beautify them and make them more useable, resident friendly, and desirable. This is her “redo” of the Westminster Senior Center, Dog Park.

“As an urban designer I am a strong believer that collaborations of art, architecture, landscaping and planning can blur economic and cultural boundaries and enhance life in cities such as Venice Beach. Communities come together at public spaces and improve quality of life for all,” she said.

Mehrnoosh received a Masters of Architecture & Urban Design degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and is past president of Association of Women in Architecture L.A.

For this purpose, she has proposed a design for both the Windward Center and the Westminster Community Center/Dog Park at existing Senior Center. The design for the Windward Circle will be in a future Update.

The dog park is totally self-sustained. The design provides a special place for meetings, for children, for small dogs and for large dogs. The plan would be to raise money to help Department of Recreation and Parks bring this to Venice.


Closeup view of two-story civic building and children’s play area.

SITE PLAN_000001

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  1. […] has done another design for Venice city property. This one for Windward Circle. Her design for the Westminster Community Center/Dog Park was published in Update in […]

  2. Graham

    The City of Los Angeles can barely afford to fix pot-holes so where do you think the millions and millions of dollars is going to come from to build this ? Besides it looks like a prison.

  3. This plan doesn’t include the homeless plan since some group is trying to stop the Center from helping the homeless. I would assume that the archetict doesn’t have any plans for helping the homeless in Venice such as housing. We need more low income housing and housing for the homeless in Venice. This plan does not help the whole community when there are people living on the streets in Venice and many low income families in Venice are struggling to pay the rent. And I’d suppose Rick Flatbush will start cussing me out again and have a fit once he reads this. The bottom line is this: You may propose your plans to the city but the Venice local council is advisory and the last word is the L.a. City Council and even higher than that if it has to go in that direction. The City of L.A. is already looking into building homeless and low income housing in Venice. It doesn’t matter whether you get your dog park or not. Let this be a lesson to you that you need to stop treating us like dogs and show some respect. The only reward I see going to the best pet is the one with the most money. That isn’t respect, and it’s not a very good trick. SAVE VENICE NOW

  4. Nick Antonicello

    I have suggested a community center at another location, but this is fabulous. The cost of such a project will need to be determined, but this is a beautiful rendering. Great job! Finally a project the community can call its own.

    • I would assume you are calling the community “Nick A’s World”. This is the rendering of the wealthy class trying to dominate over the rest of us. I would think that from the beginning that helping people would have been top priority in Venice. It hasn’t been since rapid development takes up the top spot and the rest of us get booted out of Venice, or at least that is your vision. You can’t hide from the truth any longer. It’s on the news outlets. and it’s in the papers. People are talking about it everywhere. We are on the brink of Saving Venice Now! It’s not going to be your wealthy cookie cutter version. This isn’t over by a long shot! Save Venice Now!

      • Anonymous

        Hello Richard,

        This is an initial idea to serve the community and if we were to proceed there are many issues that need to be dressed and there are variety of comments by other that can be included to support such project.

        Thank you

      • Nick Antonicello

        I would suggest if you’re going to attack me, have the decency to at least sign your name to what you say. Rendering of the wealthy class? Do you even understand the word community? A community center for all, not a housing solution for the homeless. That problem and solution stands at the front door of your councilman. The issue of homelessness is his problem and his to solve as the elected official which he has now had four years to solve and in all probability will get another 5.5 years since he has no serious political opposition in a city where incumbents cannot lose and the system is rigged and controlled by special interests and anemic turnouts. You want to fix homelessness? Then complain and whine to the one individual charged and elected to do something about it and that’s Mike Bonin.

        • I’m not attacking you I’m defending the homeless and low income from people like you. You want a rich folks club to be built at that senior center, plain and simple. I don’t see a very welcoming atmosphere in Venice when it come to low income and the homeless in Venice. Thank goodness the boardwalk is still free for them to enjoy and Venice Beach. Rich folks just want to keep getting richer and when they get the pause button from getting to those riches they go on blaming everyone but themselves. You just got paused and now it’s time for big government to take care of their own people! Getting to greedy for your own good isn’t right. Democracy will settle the score in the long run. Save Venice Now!

          • Nick Antonicello

            Defending the homeless from what? From building a community center? Something for EVERYONE? Enjoy OFW? It’s a sewer of filth, alcoholism, drugs and rampant violence and mental illness. Get your head out of the clouds with your pathetic rhetoric. I’m not rich and don’t pretend to be…

          • James

            Nick, this person is a troll who rants about non-logical and unsubstantiated thoughts. Just ignore him/her.

        • BeachAccessForEveryoneAtVeniceBeach

          Beach access is for everyone not just rich folks. Get your head out of who knows where and realize we need to Save Venice Now!

        • AnythingButAtrollSaveVeniceNow

          Thank goodness Venice Beach is for everyone and it’s going to stay that way. Don’t forget even homeless people have rights. It’s too late to try and ignore the fact we have a homeless issue to try and resolve. Homelessness is going to be an on going issue. Don’t try and shove it in someone else’s face and have them solve the problem. I’m not attacking anyone. I’m defending people from discrimination and from downright segregation.

        • TheTimeHasCometoSaveVeniceNow

          You would rather satisfy the appetite of the greedy wealthy class who have caused this thing called hyper gentrification then to help those in need. Don’t try and hide under the veil of city hood which you think will protect your riches. Also, don’t discriminate against the homeless people in Venice and all over Los Angeles. You can ignore me all you want. The truth is something you will never be able to ignore. Savevenice

    • Anonymous


  5. Richard Feibusch

    BEAUTIFUL!!! – But where would we store all the homeless collected crap and how will the local social services get their cut of any funding obtained for the project???

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