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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice was a War Zone This Fourth; How Can We Prevent a Repeat

Marina was filled, and of course, Venice Beach was packed.

The small strip of land, called the jetty, across from fireworks, between Pacific and Via Marina was one cabana after another by noon.

By Reta Moser

… and the rockets came bursting in air.   Venice was a war zone this Fourth and all suffered.

These blasts start minimally a week before and usually continue for sometime after the Fourth. This year it was just not sleepable two days before the Fourth.

The Fourth itself was terrible. Could not go to county display because I had a dog shaking and panting. Had a raccoon who wanted to come in via my slider. He didn’t like it either. The feral cat I feed looked at me for a reason for the booming night. No whys in my vocabulary, kitty.

First of all, it is against the City law to sell fireworks. It is against the City law to ignite fire works with few exceptions, such as sparklers. They are dangerous!!!! How many times do people have to be told?

It was discussed among some who had the same thoughts regarding the fireworks and what could be done for next year.  Plan was suggested to provide fireworks location this year for next year.  Create a map of Venice using a grid overlay to show where the fireworks occurred this year. Have an address, if possible, but at least a general area.  Perhaps, it could be for individual areas or for all of Venice.  Then meet with the LAPD and identify the locations for next year using the overlay grid.

Or if the LAPD is too busy, have block captains monitor the areas. Apartment complexes should notify the tenants that fireworks are illegal and have a resident manager on site.

Please feel free to offer suggestions and see if something can be done prior to the next Fourth. What do you think of having a grid showing where the rockets were this year? Can you identify the location of blasts in your area? … Little input here would help for next year.

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