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Mildred, Sidewalk Saga Continues




California Coastal Commission (CCC) required the four new houses in 600 block of Mildred to remove the walls.  Whether they will be required to put in a sidewalk is yet to be seen.

According to Rob Mitchell, who discovered the lack of sidewalks and talked to the City Council Office regarding this, the Coastal Commission has required the developer to remove the walls 30 inches from curb.  Curb itself is 6 inches.

“They were required to remove the walls to 30″ from the curb. Seems their lawyer and the CCC are arguing if that’s all they have to do, ” Mitchell wrote.  “At present, I’m concerned it’s going to be an empty victory, and that the area will remain unusable by pedestrians, due to landscaping right to the curb, and uneven ground beyond that.” Looks like it is 30 inches from block to inside of curb.

One would think Building and Safety would be weighing in on this one.  The prints indicated sidewalks.

The American Disabilities Act, effective 1990, requires sidewalks or accessible routes to meet certain requirements.  The picture is taken from the ADA handbook of standards for new construction, chapter 4, 402 Accessible Routes.

EXCEPTION: The clear width shall be permitted to be reduced to 32 inches (815 mm) minimum for a length of 24 inches (610 mm) maximum provided that reduced width segments are separated by segments that are 48 inches (1220 mm) long minimum and 36 inches (915 mm) wide minimum.


Figure 403.5.1 Clear Width of an Accessible Route



Comments (2)

  1. Ana

    Thank you for your work .
    I own my 1950 bungalow home in Venice, near 5th and Rose.
    The identical house next door to me just sold. The realtor told me the new owners paid cash and plan to knock it down and build 3 new
    2 to 3 story multi units for rentals .
    What can I do to help prevent this from happening ?
    Thank you ,

    • reta

      Builders and architects have to follow certain rules that are well documented. Beyond that they are hard to fight. One person who would know those rules in your area and what could be done would be Sue Kaplan.

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