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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Resident Attacked on OFW

By Anonymous

So late Monday afternoon as I was walking
back from the beach, I was physically attacked by three
young persons afterI informed them in a civil fashion
that they should not be walking four abreast while on the bike path.

Punches were thrown and blows were landed…mainly on me.
I was somewhat shook up at the time, having suffered a small
cut on my head and taken a flurry of hard blows to both my head
and torso.

At least it’s clear that i am physically okay…
although my ribs and jaw are still sensitive and sore. Immediately
upon getting home (this happened less than two blocks away
on OFW) and after cleaning myself up, I called lead officer, Kristin Delatori.

Although I only got her voice mail, I did leave a message and,
per her instructions, sent her an email with a more detailed explanation.

Yesterday I went over to the Pacific Division station and filed a formal report.

Mind you, I have no expectation that I’ll ever see those guys again, nor that they’ll be caught. But i wanted the official statistics to show another battery assault.

In retrospect, I was no doubt stupid for having allowed myself to be drawn into a verbal exchange, but even more so because at 65 years of age, what the hell do I want to risk getting into a brawl with a bunch of twenty-somethings? Of course, at the time of said verbal exchange, the thought never crossed my mind that it could actually escalate into a physical brawl.

Moral of the story: It is, indeed, a dangerous world out there.

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