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Former City Yard Employee Talks of Yard, Neighborhood



By A Former Yard Employee

I have been following the news about the future of the city yard in Update for many years and I want to thank you for that.

When I left, I realized the writing was on the wall, and even though we had been promised new facilities, it wouldn’t happen  before I retired.

I think I can speak for those of us who provided services to that area for better than twenty years as a crew.

We were not just any crew who came to work and went home at the end of the day. We felt like we were part of the community.

We established relationships with our neighbors and worked hard to keep our little part of the city clean and presentable. I will always remember the trailer park and the garbage trucks.

I remember when you could still get to the yard right off of Lincoln without going to Washington.

I remember when developers wanted to build homes on the property.

It now breaks my heart to hear that there are some who believe  there is a cure to the homeless problem in Venice by utilizing this land to cure the situation.

I feel sorry for the people who live in the area who will see their home values tank and the crime rate soar should this happen.

We may be gone, but it does not mean that we didn’t leave a piece of ourselves behind when we left.

We have more knowledge and memories of the Venice area than most who reside there in those big high rise buildings.

I miss the way it used to be and I am sure that you do too.May you triumph over big government and big money.

Here’s to common sense along with a prayer that it will prevail.



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