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Venice Update

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MTA Site on Sunset to Start Environmental Testing

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is continuing progressing with the site and will start removing the fuel tanks after the 4th.  They have assured all that the POW/MIA memorial wall will be restored and names will be digitally archived.  Venice Chamber of Commerce and the Veterans’s Foundation are accepting donations.  The following is a press release from Eric Geier, Community Relations Manager of MTA.


In late 2015 Metro stopped operating busses out of the Metro “Division 6” bus maintenance facility at Pacific and Main in Venice.  As a result, the Metro Board of Directors, through a motion by Directors Bonin and Keuhl, designated the land to be developed consistent with the agency’s Joint Development Policy. Before the Joint Development process may begin, Metro must complete environmental testing on the site, and is planning to start its next phase of work at Division 6 next week.

After the July 4th holiday weekend, Metro will remove underground storage tanks (USTs) along with the structures associated with them.  The first step in this process is to excavate and remove the concrete above the USTs, after which the USTs themselves will be loaded onto trucks for disposal at an offsite facility.  This work is anticipated to be completed in eight weeks, with environmental monitoring continuing following the tank removal in advance of the Joint Development Process.

In the meantime, Metro is collaborating with the Venice Chamber of Commerce, the National Veterans Foundation, and Director Bonin’s office to ensure that the POW/MIA memorial wall, which runs along the Pacific Avenue frontage of the Division 6 property and was recently damaged by graffiti, is restored and digitally archived to ensure its long-term durability. The Chamber and the Veteran’s Foundation are accepting donations to support this effort. 



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