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Gina Maslow Resigns as New VNC At-Large Community Officer

Gina Maslow, who was elected as a Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) At-Large Community officer at the last election, has announced that she has resigned. Gina did not get sworn in at the last Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Board meeting.

“It was a decision that was painful to make, but due to some chronic health issues, I felt it necessary to put my energy into healing,” she wrote when questioned.

VNC President Ira Koslow, after accepting Gina Maslow’s resignation, said “I know all of you join with me in wishing her the best.”

The VNC board will take nominations for the vacated seat at the July meeting and then vote for a replacement at the August meeting per the bylaws, according to George Francisco, vice-president of the VNC.

Koslow gave the Article and Section pertinent to the situation.

Article 5. Section 10: Resignation
Any Officer may resign by submitting a written resignation to the President
and the Secretary. The Board does not have to formally accept a resignation
for it to become effective.

Article 5. Section 6: Vacancies
Vacant Board seats shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining
elected Officers. Officers selected in this manner shall serve as Board
Officers until the next election.

Marc Saltzberg who lost to Maslow by one point said he didn’t know at this time whether he would apply or not.

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  1. Nick Z

    Looks like Marc Saltzberg was next in votes. However, could be a good opportunity to appoint someone who isn’t white if the Council isn’t bound by the next highest vote-getter. While I generally like the outcome of the election, I can’t deny that it is unfortunately a very white board in a community that is more diverse.

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