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In With the New VNC Board; Thanks to the Old VNC Board

Thanks to the old VNC board


In with the new VNC board

Councilman Mike Bonin swore in the new members of the Venice Neighborhood Council Tuesday night at the Westminster School. The 21-member board will serve for two years. After the ceremony, it was business as usual.

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  1. Richard Feibusch

    CHECK THIS OUT!! – A quality video produced by the Caruso organization extolling the virtues of the new development planned for Pacific Palisades – Watch the whole thing – This is what is being presented to the City, the prospective business owners, and future residents – the small town, old-timey/sweater tied around the neck over polo shirt images are amazing. Apparently, any “diversity” will ALL be provided down the hill in fun and funky Venice… The problem with Mr. Bonin, He can’t see the difference between diversity and adversity…

  2. Nick Z

    My life is full of sticks, Graham. If I park my car in front of a fire hydrant, I get a ticket, that’s a stick. If I perform poorly at work, I lose by job, that’s a stick. If I lose my job and sit around feeling sorry for myself, I won’t get a new job, that’s a stick. If I drop my pants in public and take a dump, I get arrested (not in Venice), that’s a stick. If I alienate my friends and family and then need their help later and they refuse, that’s a stick. If make poor choices in life, I will face negative consequences, that’s a stick. You appear not to understand this concept at all and probably assume that all the “sticks” you face in life are due to bad luck or someone trying to keep you down vs. a consequence of your own bad choices. It’s usually a mix weighted towards the later. People who deny their own culpability in the failings of their life are doomed to never escape them.

    • Graham

      No Nick what I understand is that a “carrot and stick” is what you use when you want to train a horse. When you use it in the context of a human being you are saying that you think they are no different than a horse. You are an elitist piece of shit.

  3. Graham

    I think a lot of people are a bit naive about how this city works. These Neighborhood Councils have ZERO power. All they do is advise. All the power in this city is with the City Council and regardless of what the residents want if the City Councilperson wants something else that something else is what is going to happen. I’m not going to accuse anybody on the City Council of corruption but I do know from years of living in L.A. that if a City Councilperson wants something for their district they will get everybody else on the City Council to approve it. And when it comes time for another City Councilperson to get something they want all the other Council members will return the favor and vote YES YES YES !. That is how government works here in L.A. Your City Councilperson could care less about what you want for your district. It is all about what they want. And these Neighborhood Councils are just a little bone they throw you to con you into thinking you have a say in how your tax dollars are being spent.

    • Nick Z

      Bonin wants to be re-elected. The turnout for VNC elections is approaching the level for City Council elections. He will take notice of who is voting and what they are voting for in Venice because he wants to prolong his career and the big fat councilman’s salary and pension that come with it. The VNC has always provided political cover to Bonin and Rosendahl before him to use Venice as the Westside skid row. This election was a pretty clear repudiation of that strategy. Hopefully he will listen and build a storage facility in Palisades Park before he comes back to us and asks for more public property to be used for the benefit of the 1% (1% who are transients).

      • Angela McGregor

        Nick Z: I agree with you, but who will run against Bonin who represents the 99% of Venice who are fed up with the transients and crime? Bonin just announced the passage of “his” version of 85.02 — a gutted version of the bill put forward by Mike Feuer (it expires in a year, allowing RV dwellers to take up residence on residential streets if the city doesn’t comply with his “Safe Parking” programs). In addition, the City recently fast-tracked the Venice & Dell, Westminster Senior Storage Project and Thatcher Maintenance Yard, despite the clear objections of the majority of Venice homeowners and business leaders. IMHO, he’s still behaving like Venice is his personal dumping ground for his pet projects, re-election be damned.

        • Nick Z

          That is the issue. He won handily last election and even if he lost all the votes he got from Venice last time, would still win. A cynical person would say that he directs all the Westside homeless to Venice to placate his constituents in the Palisades, Brentwood, and Mar Vista (his home).
          I think on the 1-year timeframe for 85.02 – he IS the elected rep who needs to deal with it, so at least he is the one to blame if the ordinance can’t be enforced in a year. I still have hope that something can be worked out there as I’m not totally unsympathetic to the homeless issues. My fear is that the definition of “residential” is vague, so the blocks long encampments down near Golds will qualify as an RV parking zone because technically there is no residential on the block, even though the immediately adjacent blocks are residential. These RV zones need to be in industrial/commercial areas where there is no nighttime activity or if they go in church or social services lots, those organizations need to be held responsible for the behavior of their “tenants” and also to clean up any mess they create lickety-split. Unfortunately, this is where things fail – just look at St. Josephs. I’m afraid that lack of strict enforcement will mean these well intentioned and creative solutions won’t solve anything. You need the carrot and the stick to make things work.

          • Graham

            The carrot and the stick huh Nick? Nice way to dehumanize the homeless asshole. Somebody should take a stick to you.

        • Richard Feibusch

          C’mon Folks – The rest of the District gives a rat’s ass about Venice – and they LOVE Mikey – How many homeless units are being built in the new Pacific Palisades project??? Suck it up Venice, you’re it, and they will provide some bleeding heart folks to voice your approval for you(and right here on this website…) Welcome back to Galanterville!
          I will quote;
          Most recently, Councilmember Mike Bonin updated WestsideToday in his January 2016 newsletter, saying Rick Caruso’s Palisades Village project is moving forward. “The local Design Review Board considered the project in January and will do so again in February, giving feedback on design elements for the shops and restaurants proposed for Swarthmore Ave. After the DRB weighs in, the project’s environmental review documents will be released, and the community will have an opportunity to formally comment on the project once the documents are public. Mike has been impressed with the enormous and widespread vocal support for the project,” Bonin’s newsletter stated.

          • Keef Riffhard

            Wow, that new center of the community looks great. Since it seems to be a completely commercial development, I assume that they have planned for plenty of dedicated parking spots for overnight RV parking. After all, I’m sure the local residents of the district wants to help those who need help. And how about low income housing units above the stores? And will camping be allowed in the park? I bet Bonin is leading the charge for these ideas.

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