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340 Acres at LAX; Venetian Asks: Why Not Homeless Here?

By Kip Pardue

Thanks to all who voted in the VNC elections a few weeks ago. The turnout was amazing and many of you are directly responsible for that. The more we continue to unite in our vision of Venice, the stronger our voice will be.

On that note, I came across this a few days ago…


For the record, I personally have ZERO details on this project beyond what is written, so everything I am saying is my opinion…

This development has been in the works for YEARS with several iterations. Those proposals were blocked for various reasons – but almost always because of density and public will. What has finally passed and will be built seems like a great fit for the area – but not one single mention of housing for the homeless (or housing of ANY KIND). The new development even has 49 acres of green space.

I think the development itself is fine…it’s just so strange that Bonin is “involved” (in some capacity at least) and there is no desire for him to use that land for housing. To me, this shows Bonin is forcing housing on Venice (and ONLY VENICE). This location would be much better suited to the needs of the homeless and certainly better for the residents of Venice. Again, there is SO much I do not know about this project…but if Bonin’s actual desire was to build housing for the homeless ALL OVER THE CITY, and not just in Venice, I would think he would have the ability to use 2 acres of this property.

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  1. We need to do it here in Venice. Let go of what you fear loosing the most: Your millions. Saving Venice is priceless. http://www.savevenice.me

  2. It’s not just your groups vision of Venice. It’s the whole community. This is where the problems start and never seem to have an end. You don’t seem to understand that even though the election is over it’s not “over” by a long shot. It’s great that leaders were elected to take on the responsibility of making Venice Great Again. They will have to realize that you need to deal with everyone and not just answer to a select few. This is how we are going to make Venice Great Again! We are doing it with way more affordable housing, homeless housing and services, and more services for the low income. Venice is a place for everyone. Lets Save Venice.

  3. Jon

    Why no homeless housing in the revamped LAX plan? Bonin only wants it in Venice http://la.curbed.com/2016/6/16/11957828/340-acres-near-lax-getting-total-overhaul

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