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No Place to Park–Skyhooks Needed!


By Ruth Lerner and Charles Quinn

So Oxford Triangle Venetians, not only is it impossible to park on our street , Stanford Ave, ( the spots are ALL taken by 9AM! ) but we now have a new problem to contend with. On Weds. morning when Charles couldn’t find a place to park he made the ‘mistake’ of parking in our driveway behind my car. We discovered shortly after when I went to get my car that he had been cited with a ticket for  $68 for parking on the sidewalk ! In fact he wasn’t blocking the sidewalk as can be seen from the photo

This is not only infuriating but now will only add to the parking congestion if it’s ‘illegal’ to piggy back park in one’s driveway and more residents have to find street parking! Clearly the problem is made worse by people from local businesses, especially the boxing place on the corner of Stanford and Washington , residents of The Jefferson, patrons of Brennan’s pub, employees of businesses on Lincoln and neighbors who have 4-6 cars and trucks that are all parking on Stanford!

What can we do about this situation which is only going to worse? Is permit parking really not an option? Finding a place to park near to ones’ home is starting to feel like New York City !

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  1. Anonymous

    Homeless don’t pay fines so are seldom cited – Residents pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay………………..

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  3. reta

    It is not only Stanford but Berkeley, Thatcher, Princeton West and lots of Oxford. Businesses on Princeton are using these streets to park. Workers park on our streets and then walk thru the pedestrian opening at Princeton East. Not fair but no one listened to us when we tried during planning process not to have these pedestrian openings and now we suffer and all have moved on.

    We have even had them move garbage cans to accommodate their vehicles.

    Perhaps, Bonin would like to become a hero and close the pedestrian openings and put commercial cars with commercial businesses and let residential cars park on the residential streets.

    Do I hear any comments on this????

  4. Nick Z

    You should argue that you were “storing” your belongings on the sidewalk but not blocking access and, like homeless belongings, need a 24-hour notice before they can move it or penalize you. Seems like a double standard that you could make an issue of and win. Would probably require a lawsuit, so not worth it economically.

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