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Nasty Confrontation with Homeless Man in Cabover; Same Game; No Enforcement; No Answer


By John Betz

The above is an old photo. It was not taken today, but this motor home (cabover, van) with NV plates has been there continuously since the photos were taken several weeks ago, right across from the Westminster School.

After the street sweeper went by the Traffic Officer came by and the person living in the motor home (van, cabover) was out on the sidewalk to meet the officer. He had his engine compartment hood up and told the officer that his vehicle did not run. The officer drove away without issuing a citation. This routine has been going on for months.

I tried to complain to the officer, but he/she was away before I could get there. But I spoke with the man living in the van and told him that he needed to move for the street sweeper and that he had no right to park there continuously for month after month. I was standing across the street from him. He became very belligerent, crossed the street, walked up to me nose-to-nose and started berating me and telling me that “He would like to punch me in the jaw.” Our conversation went on for about 5 to 10 minutes. It was pretty heated. My wife and 11-year-old son witnessed it. I eventually walked away.

Since then, I have spent about 2 hours on the phone. I called LAPD Dispatch and told them I wanted to file a report. They referred me to Pacific Division at 310 482 6334. I called and called that number, but never got an answer. I have called a half dozen times but no luck getting through. I have given up calling, but I would still like to file a report. Could someone have an officer call me for that purpose at their convenience. My number is 310 463 3746.

I also called LADOT and asked them to please ticket this person in the future. He has been using the same excuse for 6 months.

As a point of interest – this is the same guy I have talked about before—the guy who told me that he was living in his van here years ago, then left for “the desert” because the police were hassling him (assume he means when LAPD started enforcement several years ago). But, he decided to come back because he heard the police were not hassling people anymore (after the law prohibiting residing in one’s vehicle was struck down). This guy is so obviously not homeless. He just likes cheap living by the beach and gaming the system.

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  1. Vernon Dad

    LivingfreeinVeniceCalifornia – by your screen name alone we can tell that’s your agenda. Blame game? An eye witness isn’t the truth? What the hell is wrong with you? Sounds like your raising your two kids in an RV. Venice has changed and it’s done! It’s not the 60′s and 70′s anymore and this living where ever however you want thing is done. It’s just a matter of time until you are out of resources and have to move on. As someone who was born and raised here, you can bet your ass change doesn’t come easy. Get used to it dude. Changes are coming and it’s not just 85.02 and being forced to get your shit together or leave the area, housing prices and rents are going to keep going up and up. This is the last beach community in Los Angeles. Ask someone in NY or London if they want a yard with a decent sized home for $1.5mil. They’ll jump on it! Good luck and may the gas prices be good for you mobile people.

  2. Bringing up old grudges isn’t going to really help us solve the homeless crisis. This has been the reason we come back full circle to the same old problems. Now rich folks are looking at people with little money, and the homeless in a very jealous envious way. The government is about to unleash big payloads of money to benefit us all and all of a sudden we are all equals again. At least that’s what we like to think would happen. There is more balance and the investors don’t want that to happen. This is where old grudges pop up ilke this one. We need to stop grudge matching and start
    Saving Venice.

  3. Angela McGregor

    Your story is exhibit 1 of why we should all contact Mike Bonin and encourage him to vote yes on the new RV Dwelling ordinance, 85.02:


    Until we get a new ordinance, the LAPD’s hands are tied when it comes to dealing with dirtbags like the one in this article.

    • There hands aren’t tied at all. Lapd knows the laws and the Rv man has rights. And for all we know the person who wrote the article is making up the story. California now has a state wide homeless crisis on their hands. The state doesn’t tie anyone’s hands. This is why we are going to have homeless housing, and low income housing in Venice. We need to help these people and stop bashing on them.

    • Angela McGregor

      Just curious…if you think the authors of stories like this are making them up, why bother reading or commenting on them? You’re clearly some kind of troll, and you probably don’t live here.

      • It’s possible he made up the story. I don’t know for sure. I’m sure there are two sides to the story. I’ve heard this come up plenty of times where Rv dwellers get picked on. I’m not saying the Rv dweller is being picked on but it’s possible that he is being bullied. And yes, I live here. Now that you know that I live here does that make me part of your click. Last time I checked we aren’t apes anymore from what I read. We are moving forward not backward. I get it, you’re trying to start something with me. It’s too late, this has been going on for too long and it’s been started a long time ago. Now we are trying to resolve these issues to make Venice great again.

      • Instead of playing the blame game we are going straight to heart of the issues at present. We need to Save Venice.

      • Clearly you don’t want to put yourself into that definition of what troll is. I must say that calling someone a dirt bag when you don’t know the facts is wrong. City leaders and even people higher than that are actually doing something for a change for “everyone” and I get called a troll. Jealousy is in the air in Venice over the homeless and low income people and that stinks. That is a clear sign of how far things have gone in Venice. When a rich man is jealous of a poor man in Venice things have become really crazy. This is why we need to “Save Venice”. http://www.savevenice.me

        • Rick Feibusch

          YADDA, YADDA, YADDA,… You just don’t bloody get it… Yes, money and interest has been allocated – Let me tell you how this works – The City don’t do shit… GOT IT… They subcontract with social services that first cover their overhead (rent, utilities etc..) then they pay their staff, then they start their administratin’- VCHC was GIVEN a property on NAVY and spent millions and many months rehabbing the building… FOR 20 apartments!!! How did that help the situation on Venice beach??? – Add to that, they were not allowed to glean residents from Venice alone – anybody in LA county had a chance to qualify.. Stop wasting the bandwidth on the site and educate yourself before blasting your ignorance around here – Pie in the sky – No matter how many apartments can be eeked out, unless laws are enforced and the urban campers are moved on, it will be Mad Max to the max in Venice… And yes, at this point, YOU ARE A TROLL!!!

          • Seeing is believing when you Save Venice. I’m not a troll. Are you talking about people hired by the gov’t to infiltrate just about everything? I been raising my two daughters here. You are the one who decided to get upset at me and cuss me out. That was your free will. California has spoken. http://www.savevenice.me

          • James

            @LivingisfreeinVeniceCalifornia – you are the definition of a troll. The same baseless, non-logical arguments over and over again. Very boring. Very Trump-like. BELIEVE ME – WE’LL MAKE VENICE GREAT AGAIN – WE’LL SAVE VENICE – without any content or substance.

          • Graham

            It’s not illegal to sleep on the sidewalk or in your vehicle anywhere in the City of Los Angeles Rick. So which laws do you think the LAPD has in their trick bag to move these “urban campers ” on ?

  4. Blame game example: Housing prices keep sky rocketing in Venice California. Same game, no enforcement, no answer. Stop playing the blame game like I’m using for as an example. Start trying to “SAVE VENICE” http://www.savevenice.me It’s not your fault, you just need to educate yourself more.

    • Housing prices are soaring throughout all of Los Angeles, not just Venice. And the reason they are soaring is pretty obvious. It is because everybody wants to live in Los Angeles, including over 1 million people who are in this country illegally and who all need places to live too. Hence we now have a housing shortage which is giving the greedy landlords cache to raise the rents here in Los Angeles to where it now takes an income of over 80 grand a year to be able to even afford an apartment. And that’s for the cheaper areas of L.A. In Venice you need to be making even more than that. We can’t control the flow of American citizens who want to live here but we sure as hell can (and should) be controlling the flow of illegals from Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. If we don’t start getting serious about enforcing our immigration laws a lot more people in L.A. are going to find themselves displaced and sleeping on the street. We very simply do not have enough room for everybody that is here. That is also why it takes forever to get anywhere in this town and why so many of us have really short tempers. We are all being suffocated here by too many people,over a million of which have no legal right to be here.

  5. Even though your wife witnessed it and you went through it how do we know that is the truth? For all we know you actually started the whole ordeal and then things got heated up. And this guy isn’t trying to game any system. This guy if he could would love to live in a 5 million dollar home close to the beach but can’t afford it. Honestly I can’t understand what this fight is all about! On one side people flipping properties that go up in value in the millions in as little as two years in Venice should also be blamed for gaming the system. Greed is like a sickness and should be treated as a disease. People are homeless for many reasons.

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