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VNC Election Is Microcosm of Big Thing; Rudisill Files Five Challenges to Election


There was fraud, people were caught soliciting within the “NO” zone, people were caught removing something from the trash inside the election area, someone said there were people caught voting more than once, a slate was attributed to a former state office holder, there were accusations galore from one side, and it all boiled down to a microcosm of big-time politics. One fellow was caught filming inside the gym, but when explained that it was illegal, he willingly and immediately erased the footage.

Robin Rudisill, former chair of land use and planning committee, has filed five challenges to the election. All challenges will have to be cleared prior to the new, 21-member board being sworn in. Ceremony was set for 21 June but will still depend on the challenges. For challenges go to https://veniceupdate.com/2016/06/11/rudisill-files-five-challenges-to-election/

It was a record turnout for the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) elections 5 June, and the lines didn’t stop from 10 am to 6 pm. In fact near 5 pm another table was set up to check incoming registrations so that the process could be expedited and all present could vote.

They walked.  They rode their bikes.  They drove.  They wanted to vote.

They walked. They rode their bikes. They drove. They wanted to vote.

The VNC elections have always topped any of the ninety-nine neighborhood councils in Los Angeles. This time the VNC, in addition to topping all the other neighborhood councils, topped itself. There were 2729 who registered to vote. Of those 2729, there were 64 provisional that had to provide proof to qualify within a period of time for their ballot to be counted.

The at-large/community-interest officer confusion was eliminated by one page of the ballot being printed green as opposed to white and everyone telling each voter “vote for only one on the green or your ballot will be disqualified” … “one on the green” became the mantra inside the gym at the Oakwood Recreation Room. One person recited a jingle to make it easier to remember. Hopefully, the next election, this discrepancy will not occur.

Campaigning was the best ever this year and the prize for “best” should go to Yolanda Gonzalez, who had a hat, a tiara, a flyer, a slate, a flag, a banner, and walked Venice talking with constituents. She didn’t win but she put up the campaign to rival all other campaigns. She should write the book.

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  1. Michael Lipson

    IF the challenges issued by Robin Rudisill are honored, that would constitute a veritable COUP. Which, ironically enough, is exactly what Linda Lucks feared would take place (but from the opposite direction).

  2. Kevin

    Here’s a link to the VNC Election Challenge documents on the city website: https://lacity.quickbase.com/db/bkke2xh4j?a=q&qid=-1000618

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