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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

“OUCH” Says It All!

This is one of the last interior walls to the City Maintenance Yard on Thatcher Ave to be demolished. Only fitting it should say “ouch.”

The yard, which has been here since Venice was Venice, became part of LA in 1920 and continued to serve the community of Venice. One part housed Street Services and the front part housed Sanitation workers. Sanitation part was condemned because of asbestos and lead paint several years ago. Street services had all its buildings removed and operated out of metal haul-on building for years.

Because the Sanitation part was vacated, homeless started using it as a place to crash. Plagued by calls from Triangle residents and tenants of Mirabella and Jefferson Marina, regarding the homeless, the Bureau of Sanitation decided along with the Bureau of Street Services to comply with the complaints and demolish the complete structure and the cement-block fence. A wrought iron fence will be installed to secure the area.

Whether Street Services or Sanitation decides to rebuild is unknown at this time. Former Councilman Bill Rosendahl was always concerned about the yard, because as he said there was so little land available on the westside to service the area, particularly in case of a disaster, that he felt it a necessity to hold on to it.

The Oxford Triangle Specific Plan indicates the property should be rezoned single-family if and when the City should no longer need the property.

“I remember when they had the last earthquake, yard supervisor Paul Hughes had his men out on the streets immediately,” said local resident Reta Moser. “I remember when the commercial block on Carter, Princeton, Thatcher caught on fire and burned and the streets were a disaster because of debris from the fire trucks, the buildings, etc, Paul Hughes was there before the light of day. When you can’t get out of your garage and along comes a street thing to remove debris, one feels a sense of community. He used to keep the alleys clean too. We all miss that service and security.”

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