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Murez Wonders About Future of Wall; What about the Names

Jim Murez questioned whether Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) would be keeping the wall now that they plan to develop the site. That is an excellent question and one MTA is probably thinking about too.

Murez mentioned he knew the artist and “artist once told me that the names he used were from lists he found while researching what to paint. But to my understanding none of them were ever verified with the VA. The artist at the time the mural was being considered by the community and the MTA (RTD back then) claimed it was not a historic piece and he just wanted to put his art on what was at the time a blank wall.

“Interesting how this sort of art has now become a political issue, I guess the emotions of people that lost loved ones in the Vietnam War will always align with this sort of memorial.”

It should be most interesting because many remains have been verified so the list would definitely be different today than it was years ago.

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